Forklift Accessories 2014 Year in Review

File:Happy new year 01.svgThis has been an interesting and exciting year in the forklift accessories industry. This New Year’s Eve, let’s take a moment to take a fond look back at a few of our favorite stories from the previous 12 months:

January — We started off the new year by looking at an innovative new chain design that requires no lubrication. The Sealed for Life chain features self-lubricating bearings and advanced sealing technology that keeps chains permanently contained within a sealed, lubricant-filled cylinder.

February — February 2014 was one of the coldest and snowiest on record in many parts of the country. So it was only fitting that we took a look at one forklift attachment that actually looks forward to bad winter weather: The forklift snow plow attachment.

March — As the snow begins to melt with warmer March temperatures, it often leaves behind a lot of debris and clutter that has been building up all winter. That’s why in March we looked at the forklift sweeper attachment that made spring cleaning more convenient.

April — Spring arrived later than usual this year, and cooler temperatures were felt even into April. So we examined the uses of forklift cabin shields that allow operators to remain warm and dry in any type of weather.

May — By the time May rolls around, most businesses have shaken off the winter doldrums and are ready to get to work. So we took a look at a specialized forklift is used to lift heavy paper rolls within confined spaces of a paper warehouse.

June — School’s out in June and summer officially arrives. This past June, we found magnetic plate attachments that use small generators to improve the versatility of some forklifts in industrial settings.

July — This past July, we found the world’s largest forklift, which was being used by a company in the UK to lift pre-fabricated buildings designed to house data centers. It was a pretty big story!

August — Summer is in full swing by August, and the sun was red hot. So were specially-designed red seat belts that make it easier for supervisors to verify that their drivers are always wearing them.

September — Forklift safety was on the agenda for September when we examined how using the proper signage could keep pedestrians out of the way of forklifts, and vice versa.

October — The World Cup tournament in Brazil captured the imagination of people worldwide. But the Forklift World Cup held in Germany pitted forklift operators from nations throughout the globe against each other in a match of skills.

November — Winter weather came earlier than usual this year in many parts of the country. So we took a look at a forklift salt spreader attachment that could be used with existing equipment to help make roads and other surfaces safer in icy conditions.

December — By the time December rolls around, 2014 often seemed like a very long year. So we found some forklift extensions that could make a forklift’s existing forks even longer. They are used to lift larger loads or longer pallets.

There will never be another year exactly like 2014. But we are looking forward to having a safe and informative year in 2015. Happy New Year!


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