Using a Forklift Sweeper Attachment to Increase Profitability

forklift sweeper attachmentWhile most people use forklifts for moving pallets of materials from one place to another, they don’t often think of their vehicle’s potential cleaning properties.

But when you use a forklift sweeper attachment, you can simplify the cleaning of large areas and let the power of your forklift do all the hard work for you.

Attach to the Forks of Your Lift Truck

Forklift sweeper attachments fit over the forks of your lift truck. Standard models feature a brush that extends the full width of your vehicle’s tines. By simply lowering the attachment to the ground, the operator can remove debris from the surface simply by moving the vehicle in the desired direction.

More advanced forklift sweeper attachments can be connected to the vehicle’s hydraulics to produce create moving brushes. There are even models that use a closed water system to spray, scrub and clean the floor surface and then have suction to remove the excess fluid, leaving behind a clean, dry surface.

Ideal for Cleaning Large Areas

Forklift sweeper attachments are ideal for cleaning large areas that would be impractical or even impossible to clean using traditional push brooms. When they are attached to a forklift, they can remove debris from a warehouse or factory floor in a fraction of the time it would require a worker to perform the same task.

To use a forklift sweeper attachment effectively, the operator should pass back and forth across the desired areas so that two long piles of debris are accumulated at each end of the work space. Then, all the operator needs to do is to push each long pile into two tighter piles that can be easily picked up and disposed of with a simple broom and dustpan — or with optional sweeper attachments that perform the same task automatically.

Clean Environments Promote Productivity

Maintaining a clean work area is essential to achieving the maximum productivity of your staff and facility. If you provide a dirty, littered work area, it will not only de-motivate your employees to do a good job and take pride in their work, but it also can contribute to job dissatisfaction, increased idleness and subvert the authority of your management team.

Yet with a simple, affordable sweeper attachment, you can use your forklift to maintain the highest cleanliness standards and provide the optimal work environment that will stimulate maximum efficiency and job satisfaction.

When you have a clean work environment, a motivated workforce and optimized  productivity, your forklift sweeper attachment can pay for itself in the form of increased revenues in a matter of just a few weeks or months.

Use your forklift sweeper attachment to clean your work surfaces — such as warehouse aisles and floors, dock areas, work yards, parking lots and other areas — according to a regular schedule. In some cases, using the forklift sweeper attachment to clean areas at the beginning and end of every shift is a great way to guarantee that your work area is always in tip-top shape.



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