Forklift Cabin Shields Protect Against the Elements

forklift cabin shieldsIf you want to know the benefits of a forklift cabin shield, just ask any forklift operator who has had to work outdoors in bad weather.

Forklift cabin shields are see-through covers that can be attached or detached from a forklift operator’s cabin in just a few moments. Usually made of durable, flexible thick plastic, they provide a barrier between the forklift driver and external weather conditions such as rain, snow or even wind.

Increase Comfort, Boost Productivity

Driving a forklift in bad weather conditions is not only uncomfortable, but it can be dangerous. When an operator is wet, cold or otherwise distracted from the task at hand, he or she is more prone to making a mistake. And when you are operating a multi-ton piece of heavy equipment such as a forklift, even the smallest mistake can be catastrophic.

Forklift cabins shields provide an affordable, practical solution to operating a forklift in bad weather. Not only do they keep the driver from becoming wet or cold, but they also help protect the vehicles equipment from being affected by water, ice or other weather-related damage.

They also can extend the useful life of a forklift so that it can continue to be productive even during rainy, snowy or windy conditions. While other vehicles that aren’t equipped with forklift cabin shields remain parked indoors or under a tarp, your forklift can continue to productively load or unload trucks, move pallets or perform other common tasks.

Keeping Your Workforce Happy and Safe

By purchasing forklift cabin shields for your forklift fleet, you also can improve labor efficiency by cutting down on lost time due to illnesses, injuries and other lost work days. Keeping your operators warm and dry means they are less likely to catch colds or other weather-related illnesses.

Forklift cabin shields are also an easy way to improve employee job satisfaction. Nobody likes to work in bad weather. And if you ask or demand your employees to work in the snow or rain, they will not only be unhappy, they may even offer resistance.

But a forklift cabin shields shows your employees that management is concerned about their comfort and safety. For relatively little expense, you can boost both productivity and employee job satisfaction at the same time.

Adjustable Doors Provide Versatility

In many cases, forklift cabin shields have zippered doors that can be opened or shut against the elements by the operator the minute poor weather conditions appear. The provide a barrier against rain, snow and wind while still allowing adequate ventilation and maximizing operator comfort and safety.

Forklift cabin shields come in standard sizes that fit most vehicles, but they also can be found in custom sizes for over-sized or oddly-shaped lift trucks.

Working in the rain or snow is no fun. By simply making forklift cabin shields available to your crew of forklift operators, you can improve productivity, boost employee job satisfaction, and help protect your investment at the same time.

That makes forklift cabin shields a win-win for any forklift owner!


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