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  • Forklift Safety Equipment That Can Save Lives

    Forklifts rarely get "tricked out" the way some people do to their cars and trucks. But there are forklift safety accessories you can add to your lift truck or other materials handling equipment that can make your vehicles safer and more efficient.

    Most forklifts already come with some safety features, such as seat belts, backup alarms, and even warning lights. But adding post-market safety accessories to your current forklift can improve workplace safety and reduce the risk of injury or even death for operators and pedestrians.

    Overhead Protection

    When a lot of forklifts are delivered... Read more →

  • Get Forklifts Ready for Summer with Spring Maintenance

    The forklift operator should inspect several elements of the lift to ensure safe use.
    (Photo courtesy of Bahrns ToyotaLift - Serving Central and Southern Illinois)

    For many businesses, things heat up during the summer -- both literally and figuratively.

    Summer is when operations that have been indoor all winter suddenly move outdoors. It's when home improvement stores, greenhouses, and other businesses attract the most customers. And it's when many construction projects go into high gear.

    In other words, for a lot of businesses summer also is when their forklifts are busiest. So getting... Read more →

  • Forklift Lift Platform Dangers and How to Avoid Them

    (photo courtesy of Lombardi Lift)

    Lift platforms are one of the most widely used forklift attachments in many different types of businesses today. They allow workers to reach heights conveniently while attaching to your existing forklifts, eliminating the need for buying specialized equipment like scissor lifts or cherry pickers.

    But lift platform forklift attachments are also inherently dangerous. Anytime people are put at great heights, they are potentially in peril.

    While the use of lift platform forklift attachments involves risks, these can be mitigated with a few simple safety... Read more →

  • April Is Distracted Drivers Awareness Month

    Photo courtesy of Linde Material Handling

    Distracted driving is a 21st Century problem. Drivers who are looking at their smartphones or distracted by other technology were involved in 10 percent of all fatal crashes and 18 percent of all injury crashes in 2013, according to the National Highway Transportation Administration. And that number is only going up as more and more younger drivers hit the road.

    Because younger people grew up using mobile technology, they are more likely to be involved in crashes caused by distracted driving. Drivers aged 15 to 19 accounted for the largest... Read more →

  • Do Forklift Operators Need Protective Eyewear?

    batteryPersonal protective equipment (PPE) is a category that includes any type of clothing, accessories, or equipment that can help keep workers safe. It can be something they wear, such as a hard hat or work gloves, or something they carry such as a protective shield or fire suppression equipment.

    When it comes to PPE, employers want to make sure workers have everything they need to stay safe in the workplace. But there's such a thing as too much protection.

    When PPE gets in the way of the worker doing their job effectively and doesn't actually provide any additional safety benefit to the... Read more →

  • Businesses Are Responsible for Forklift Training

    Photo by Lift Truck (via Wikimedia Commons)

    Driving a car is very similar to operating a forklift. Both require knowledge about how the vehicle works, basic information about traffic safety, and a constant awareness about other vehicles and people in the area.

    But when it comes to who is responsible for making sure the operator is qualified to drive the vehicle, the two paths go in completely different directions.

    The federal government has determined that individual states have the right to issue driver's licenses. That's why there's no federal licensing for automobile drivers and why... Read more →

  • Rubber Dock Bumpers Protect People and Property

    The humble dock bumper is one of the most underrated accessories in the workplace. Most of the time, it just sits there, waiting for a truck, train car, or forklift to pull up and get to work.

    But when it's time for forklifts to load or unload materials, rubber dock bumpers are always ready to provide a soft, protective barrier that can protect products and people from dangers.

    Made of Durable Materials

    As the name implies, rubber dock bumpers are made of rubber. But not just any rubber. Many are made from recycled truck tires, so they are already built from some of the toughest materials... Read more →

  • Safety by Committee Often the Best Option

    While workplace safety is everybody's business when businesses leave safety up to individuals very little often gets done.

    That's why many companies today are creating safety committees composed of workers from every level of the organization. Safety committees are often charged with identifying potential workplace dangers, offering solutions, and developing ideas to promote overall workplace safety.

    Embrace Diversity

    Workplace safety committees often are most effective when they include people from every level, including upper management, line level hourly workers, and everybody in... Read more →

  • Types of Forklift Boom Attachments and Their Uses

    Forklift boom attachments transform a common lift truck into a mobile crane.
    (Courtesy: Monica Zou at

    Forklift booms are one of the most commonly used forklift attachments. But within the category of forklift booms, there actually are a number of different types, each of which has its owns specialized use and application.

    When in the market for a forklift boom, it's important to know what you need and how you plan to use it.

    Sleeve or Mast Boom Attachments

    While there are many different types of forklift boom attachments, they all can be divided into two categories: Those that... Read more →

  • Improperly Trained Forklift Operators Put Businesses at Risk

    Traffic cones.
    (Courtesy: Peter Kaminski at

    In a perfect world, businesses that use forklifts would operate problem- and accident-free. There would never be any costly payouts for workmen's comp or personal injury lawsuits. And there would be no lost productivity, damaged property, or lost inventory as a result of forklift crashes.

    Unfortunately, forklift accidents happen all too often. They can affect not only your business's bottom line but also your professional reputation and standing in the community. In the wake of any serious accident, OSHA is bound by law to... Read more →

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