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  • One of the Most Dangerous Areas of Your Workplace

    There is an area of your workplace that is especially dangerous, accounting for hundreds of workplace injuries every year. And you may have never heard of it.

    It's called the Loading, Unloading Exclusion Zone -- or LUEZ for short -- and it is a potential "drop zone" where workers can be injured by falling equipment, pallets, and other materials.

    LUEZ is the area directly beneath the extended forks on a forklift or other equipment that is used to lift materials to shelves or other heights. And it's one of the most dangerous places in any warehouse, dock, or other materials handling... Read more →

  • How to Select the Right Forklift Replacement Seat

    Forklifts take a lot of wear and tear. But the one part on your forklift that takes the lion's share of abuse is the seat.

    Forklift seats serve as the primary barrier between the operator and the surfaces upon which the forklift drives. Because most forklifts don't have shock absorbers, springs, struts, or other appliances to absorb the impact of the continuous stops and starts and bumps and bruises, the forklift seat takes it all.

    Forklift Seat Durability

    So forklift seats are more likely to wear out faster than any other part on your forklift. The typical forklift that sees a decade or... Read more →

  • New Products Promote Safety

    Wall damage caused because the lift truck forks protrude at the rear of the forklift.
    (Courtesy:Meijer Handling Solutions)

    Manufacturers associated with the material handling business are always looking for ways to improve their products to offer more safety and to avoid accidents. Three companies have recently released new products that do that.

    Meijer Handling Solutions has introduced retractable/extendable forks. The forks are ideal for handling two-way pallets or differing load lengths for both novice and experienced forklift drivers.

    Retractable/extendable hydraulic forks are safety... Read more →

  • Football Career Over for Michigan RB Run Over by Forklift

    Michigan RB Drake Johnson (Photo via Michigan 247Sports)

    A University of Michigan football player who was accidentally run over by a forklift during a spring practice session last year has decided to call it quits.

    Senior running back Drake Johnson said he fully recovered from injuries he suffered in the incident, which occurred last April, but lingering hamstring problems prompted him to quit football.

    Freak Forklift Accident

    Johnson made national headlines after he was run over by a forklift while stretching at Michigan's indoor practice facility in Ann Arbor on April 13, 2016. Matt... Read more →

  • Forklift Boom Attachments Handle Heavy Loads

    Forklift boom attachments transform ordinary forklifts into more versatile tools that allow for very mobile delivery of lifting capacity.

    The forklift boom attachment is a relatively simple design. It has to sleeves that fit on the vehicle's forks, as well as a boom bar. A shackle and hook assembly sits at the tip of the bar to provide stability for loads to that will be lifted.

    High Lifting Capacity

    There are forklift boom attachments designed for use with specific brands and models of forklifts, as well as universal forklift boom attachments that can fit most forklifts.

    The lifting... Read more →

  • Manufacturers of Automated Material Handling Solutions Honored

    MHI, a trade association for the material handling, logistics and supply chain industry, recently named its finalist for its Innovations Awards for 2017.

    Exhibitors at ProMat 2017 were asked to submit a new product, product line, technology or service or new application of an existing products or technology. MHI reported that a record 153 submissions were received.

    Held at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois on April 3-6, ProMat is an annual showcase of material handling, supply chain and logistics solutions. More than 700 material handling and logistics providers participate in the event... Read more →

  • Hot Tips for Running Cold Storage Forklifts

    Photo via Wikimedia Commons

    Cold storage warehouses are widely used in the food industry, as well as in the medical supplies, luxury fur, and other industries. Moving materials by forklift in storage areas with temperatures below 0 degrees F presents unique challenges.

    Most forklifts are designed to withstand a lot of abuse. But even the sturdiest forklifts can have trouble operating efficiently under the sever conditions found in cold storage facilities ... not to  mention forklift operators.

    Specialized Equipment

    Forklifts that are specially designed to withstand sub-zero temperatures... Read more →

  • Forklift Attachments for Towing Offer Versatility

    forklift attachmentsWant to get double duty out of your existing forklift without spending a fortune? Want the ability to tow agricultural equipment, trailers, and even boats and cars without having to buy a separate vehicle?

    Then consider adding a pallet fork tow blade to your collection of forklift attachments.

    Make Any Project Easier

    Tow blade attachments are a simple tool that provide a lot of options for anybody with a forklift.

    Its single fork attaches securely to the mast of your forklift just like regular twin forks. But it features a tow ball bolted or fused onto the end of the fork so that your... Read more →

  • LED Lighting System Warns Pedestrians Of Approaching Forklift

    (Courtesy: Keytroller) (Courtesy: Keytroller)

    One safety issue that confronts warehouse managers is preventing accidents between forklifts and pedestrian workers.

    We have described some products here that rely on audio warning systems. Another method is to prevent accidents using visual warnings.

    Keytroller, LLC, headquartered in Tampa, Florida, has developed a visual system that uses colored LED lights.

    Called Forewarner, the system is designed to go on to forklifts and cranes and projects colored lights on to the floor to alert pedestrians that a forklift or crane is in the area.

    When mounted on a forklift or... Read more →

  • 5 Surprising Forklift Safety Issues that Could Spell Trouble

    Photo courtesy of Teambonkers73 at

    Maximizing forklift safety requires proper training, vigilant vehicle inspection and maintenance, and situational awareness on the part of both forklift drivers and pedestrians.

    But there are other less obvious elements that contribute to forklift safety in the workplace. Here are five that may surprise you.

    Forklift Tires 

    Most people take forklift tires for granted. After all, the tires that came with your forklift are probably the right tires for that particular model, right? Not necessarily.

    Forklifts tires generally fall into three... Read more →

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