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  • 3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Reduce Forklift Accidents

    (Courtesy: Ted McGrath)

    Forklift accidents are no joke.

    Each year, about 85 US workers are killed in forklift accidents. Another 34,900 people are seriously injured. Non-serious injuries stemming from forklift accidents affect another 61,8000 people annually.

    According to the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration, about 70% of all workplace accidents involving forklifts could have been avoided if businesses were more stringent about implementing training policies.

    The Problem with Forklifts

    The two biggest factors affecting the frequency and severity of forklift accidents is... Read more →

  • Virtual Reality Expands Into Material Handling At Materials Handling Middle East

    A new tool to educate material handling executives will be introduced at the Materials Handling Middle East exhibition in Dubai September 11-13, 2017 –- 3D virtual reality.

    Swisslog, one of the world’s leading suppliers of robot-based and data-driven intralogistics solutions is sponsoring the exhibit.

    Material handling executives at the Materials Handling Middle East Exhibition in Dubai will be encouraged to put on goggles and enter the world of virtual reality to learn about innovations in intralogistics.
    (Courtesy: Swisslog)

    Supply chain directors will be given HTC Vive Goggles so... Read more →

  • To Improve Forklift Safety, Get Everybody Involved

    If you use forklifts in your workplace, everybody who works there has a stake in forklift safety.

    While forklifts are efficient, productive vehicles that can make loading, unloading, and moving jobs easier, they also are multi-ton industrial machines that can operate at high rates of speed -- even in close proximity to pedestrians.

    Consequently, anybody who steps foot on your workplace floor has the potential to be affected by unsafe forklift practices.

    Raising Awareness of Forklift Dangers

    Especially today, when so many people are engrossed in their smartphones and aren't always looking... Read more →

  • How to Choose the Proper Capacity for Your Forklift

    Photo courtesy of Bryan Van Devender via

    If you are buying or leasing a forklift, it's important to get the right size vehicle. If you get one that is undersized or underpowered, your workers are going to continually struggle to get the job done.

    But getting a forklift that is too big or too powerful is also a problem. You may be wasting money on fuel and maintenance costs unnecessarily.

    The ideal forklift capacity is the one that is powerful enough to do the most difficult task, but nimble enough to perform as many jobs as possible through a typical shift.

    Determining... Read more →

  • Pedestrian Warning Systems Saves Lives

    According to OSHA forklift accidents account for 61,000 minor injuries, 34,900 serious injuries, and 85 related deaths every year. Many of those injuries and deaths are of pedestrians involved in forklift accidents.

    A number of companies are now offering pedestrian warning alert systems to prevent or at least minimize these types of accidents and Forkliftaccessories have described these products in many stories in this blog including LED Lighting System Warns Pedestrians of Approaching Forklift, Australian Firm Offers Automatic Warning Detection System for Forklifts, New Alert System Helps... Read more →

  • Take These Precautions When Working with Scissor Lifts

    Scissor lifts are convenient equipment for lifting heavy loads or workers to raised heights. They are ideal for such jobs as painting ceilings, changing light bulbs, repairing gutters, or removing materials from upper shelves.

    But hydraulic scissor lifts can also be dangerous. If used improperly or carelessly, they can easily cause injury or even death. Besides the falling hazard, there is also the high risk of getting hands, feet, or other body parts pinched between the scissor bars.

    Here are some ways you can enhance safety and reduce risks when using scissor lifts in your... Read more →

  • 7 Signs You May Need to Replace Your Forklift Forks

    Photo: Bolzoni Auramo

    The forks attached to forklifts are tough and can be used literally 24 hours per day for years without showing wear or damage. But they don't last forever.

    Like the other parts of your forklift, forks should be inspected regularly before and after every shift. And in addition to a visual inspection, a more thorough annual inspection should be conducted annually by a trained professional.

    What to Look for During a Fork Inspection

    Some damage to forks can be obvious. For example, fractures caused by collisions and stress can often be seen by the naked eye. Parts... Read more →

  • Solid Tires Becoming More Popular in Material Handling

    RES 550 Solid Tire.
    (Courtesy: Camso)

    It appears that solid tires are becoming more popular in material handling applications, noted a representative of Camso, manufacturer and distributor of pneumatic, airless and solid tires for forklifts.

    The company asserts that compared to a pneumatic tire of the same size, a solid tire on average contains three times the tread rubber. So, the initial acquisition cost is higher. However, by eliminating the potential for punctures, the cost of ownership over the life of the solid tire represents a significant financial savings for fleet owners and... Read more →

  • Avoiding Flood Damage to Your Forklift Truck

    The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey (Photo by Brant Kelly via Wikimedia Commons)

    Hurricane Harvey, which blew through East Texas with winds of more than 120 mph last month, was responsible for billions of dollars of damage to homes and businesses. But some of the biggest problems were caused by the flooding that followed the deadly storm.

    Rivers crested their banks. Dams and levees suffered breaches. And hundreds of millions of gallons of water flooded into residential and commercial areas, causing structural damage to buildings and destroying thousands of vehicles.

    Forklifts and... Read more →

  • Protect Your Warehouse or Dock with Cushioning

    As another football season gets underway, it's time to start thinking about a good defense for your warehouse or dock.

    Like a quarterback or wide receiver, the columns, walls, shelving brackets, and other areas of your facility can take a beating, especially when your forklifts, pallet jacks, and other materials handling equipment are going at full steam on busy workdays.

    As any experienced football coach will tell you, the best offense is a good defense. Protect your dock or warehouse's physical facilities with protective cushioning from

    Corner Protectors

    Corner... Read more →

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