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  • Carpet Poles Simplify the Transport of Heavy, Bulky Carpets

    Carpet rolls are one of the most challenging products to handle, especially if you don't have the proper equipment. In carpet warehouses, they are often stored on high shelves making it difficult and dangerous for workers to move them by hand.

    Carpet rolls are long, cylindrical, and heavy. While they are tightly rolled so that they might appear easy to carry, nothing could be farther from the truth. They also can easily unravel if not handled properly, creating a big mess in your warehouse or dock that can take hours to clean up.

    Benefits of Carpet Poles

    Carpet poles simplify the transport... Read more →

  • Italian Forklift Accessories Manufacturer Unveils Reach Forks for Improved Productivity

    New reach forks from Bolzoni Auramo.
    (Courtesy: Bolzoni Auramo)

    Bolzoni Auramo, manufacturer of forklift attachments based in Piacenza, Italy, has introduced reach forks that help to improve forklift productivity. Designed to fit all types of new and existing forklifts, the new forks include positioners to increase the application range.

    The company developed the forks after receiving a request from an Italian furniture manufacturer who wanted a solution for handling a variety of different size pallets without damaging the pallets and the goods on them.

    The reach forks permit a forklift... Read more →

  • 5 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Loading and Unloading Accidents Right Now

    Only proper training can prevent forklift accidents.
    (courtesy: Trashertown at

    Accidents involving heavy machinery falling from loading ramps while loading and unloading can cause some of the worst kinds of workplace accidents.

    Yet these types of industrial accidents -- known as Loading, Unloading Exclusion Zone (LUEZ) incidents -- are among the most common.

    Here are five ways you can reduce the risk of LUEZ accidents in your workplace starting right away.

    Keep People Out of the Way

    The first and most obvious way to reduce the risk of LUEZ incidents is to keep people out of... Read more →

  • Forklifts' Past, Present, and Future

    Photo courtesy of Bryan Van Devender via

    Forklifts of one type or another have been used by industry for more than a century. And given their versatility and efficiency, they are likely to be used for at least another 100 years.

    The first version of the modern forklift was actually a battery-powered vehicle that was used to move luggage on train platforms back in 1906. Seeing the benefits of this new labor-saving device was the US military, which quickly incorporated these new-fangled "lift trucks" into its fleet of support vehicles.

    Unrecognizable Compared to Today's... Read more →

  • Turn Your Forklift Into a Scale

    (Courtesy: Scale Dynasty)

    Scale Dynasty, a division of Tara Systems located in Escondido, California, has introduced a device that permits the forklift operator to instantly weigh the lift’s load. The device makes it unnecessary to drive the forklift back and forth to use floor scales.

    The digital scale includes “lock-on-weight” and weight totalization and offers safe weighing at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives.

    The device is actually an hydraulic scale system with 5,000 psi (temperature compensated) sensor and 12-feet of hook-up cable that plugs into a digital display.... Read more →

  • Damage to Walls and Shelves May Indicate Wrong Sized Forks

    Photo courtesy of Bolzoni Auramo

    Take a walk around your dock or warehouse. Don't look at the inventory or even your employees. Instead, look at the walls. Look at the shelving support beams. What do you see?

    If you notice a lot of dings and dents -- or even holes in walls that are the distinctive shape of a fork end -- you may be using forks on your lift trucks that are too long.

    Causes of Fork Damage

    Pallets typically come in standard sizes. So when your operators pick up a loaded pallet with their forklifts, the forks should be long enough to fully support and stabilize the load so... Read more →

  • Innovative Forklift Seats Improve Productivity, Safety

    Photo Courtesy of Linde Material Handling (Used with permission)

    The standard forklift seat is bolted into the cabin in one position: Pointing forward. Operators might be able to move it forward or back for comfort, but that's about it.

    But modern forklifts come with a variety of new types of forklift seats that move, lift, and even spin to improve both workplace safety and operational efficiency.

    Forklift Seats that Lift

    The Atlet Omni DCR is a forklift that has a seat that rises up so that operators can see above the loads they are lifting. Actually, for maximum safety, the entire cabin... Read more →

  • Toyota Calls for Researchers to Submit Material Handling Innovation Ideas

    After a successful first year in North America, Toyota Material Handling North America has announced the second year of its Toyota Material Handling North America University Research Program. The purpose of the program is to encourage full-time professors and researchers in North American universities to develop innovations in the field of material handling including virtual or augmented reality, energy infrastructure, Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0, ADAS systems and machine learning.

    The Toyota Material Handling North America University Research Program is a sponsored research... Read more →

  • 3 Frozen Warehouse Trends to Watch for in 2018

    Photo via the US Department of Agriculture (via Wikimedia Commons)

    As more consumers look for fast, affordable, and convenient food options, the demand for frozen warehousing has increased.

    Combined with the growth of fast grab-and-go food offerings, a higher demand for organic, gluten-free and non-GMO food, and the rapid growth in store-to-door delivery, businesses offering frozen food products are constantly on the lookout for ways to make operations go faster, simpler, and more cost-effective.

    The Frozen Warehouse

    Most warehouses that handle food products have a significant portion of... Read more →

  • How to Use Work Platform Forklift Attachments Safely

    (Photo courtesy of Lombardi Lift)

    Work platform forklift attachments are designed to safely allow workers to reach high spaces, such as upper shelves, lighting fixtures, and ceilings. They essentially convert your existing forklift into a cherry picker without requiring the purchase of costly additional vehicles.

    Yet despite built-in safety features such as non-skid surfaces and safety gates, work platform forklift attachments can be dangerous to use, especially if they are used improperly or recklessly.

    Reaching New Heights

    Anytime workers are raised to heights -- whether it's with a... Read more →

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