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  • Exceed Expectations with Continuous Forklift Safety Education

    A combination of classroom discussion and hands-on practice is the best approach to forklift safety training. (Courtesy: Academi at

    Federal regulations require employers to provide training to forklift operators a minimum of once every three years, or after an accident or near miss.

    After training has been completed, some sort of testing and certification process must be implemented. Records must be kept so that the employer can prove they complied with these federal requirements if an accident should occur.

    While this is the minimum standard, you can significantly improve... Read more →

  • Forklift Attachments Effect Load Capacity

    Forklift operators need to know the maximum load capacity for both the forklift and attachment they are using.
    (Courtesy: Jaxport at

    Your forklift is rated for a specific maximum load capacity. If you don't already know what it is, you can easily find the maximum load capacity for your specific vehicle because it will be listed on a plate installed in a highly visible area -- usually on the mast at eye level to the driver.

    The maximum load capacity is the highest weight your forklift can lift safely. When you attempt to lift a payload that is higher than your rated maximum lift... Read more →

  • Order Delivery Is Going Electric

    Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

    When the popular folk singer Bob Dylan appeared at the Newport Jaz Festival in 1965, he shocked his fans and critics alike by plugging in an electric guitar and changing the course of his career and music history, with headlines worldwide screaming "Dylan Goes Electric".

    Now package and pallet delivery are increasingly going electric as more and more businesses exchange their low-tech hand trucks and dollies for high-tech power jacks and small truck-mounted forklifts.

    Faster, Stronger, Safer

    The use of more sophisticated materials handling equipment is... Read more →

  • PPE Helps Improve Safety with Propane-Powered Forklifts

    Forklifts that are powered by propane offer many advantages. Unlike electric, diesel, and gasoline-powered forklifts, they are equally effective indoors and out. They don't create a lot of dangerous emissions, they are quiet yet reliable, and it's easy to change out a propane tank quickly and efficiently when they run out of fuel.

    But propane itself is a highly combustible gas, so using it as a fuel source for forklifts is not without its risks. There have been numerous instances of propane catching fire or even exploding after leaking from tanks that were damaged or improperly... Read more →

  • MBWA for Supervisors Improves Forklift Safety

    forklift accessories safetyToyota has built a reputation as one of the best-managed companies in the world. The Japanese automaker -- which also makes some of the best forklifts in the industry -- achieved this status partially through a management technique known as MBWA (pronounced MOB-wah), which is an acronym that stands for "Manage by Walking Around".

    Toyota and many other top companies encourage their managers and supervisors to periodically take unstructured walks throughout their facilities to talk with workers, check on equipment and procedures, and identifying hazards.

    MBWA in the Workplace

    MBWA is an... Read more →

  • Different Forklift Hopper Attachments for Specific Tasks

    Photo courtesy of Jacob Dickinson (via

    Hoppers are one of the most popular and versatile forklift attachments. They are convenient for collecting waste, debris, recycling, and other materials in warehouses, on docks, in mills, and other worksites.

    They also let you get double duty out of your existing forklift fleet, quickly and easily snapping into place so forklift operators can be on the go in just seconds.

    But hopper attachments come in different styles and designs. The type you use is going to depend on your specific application.

    How Hopper Forklift Attachments... Read more →

  • Initiating Difficult Conversations about Forklift Safety

    Photo courtesy of the US Dept of Labor (via Wikimedia Commons)

    Managing people can be challenging. But improving forklift safety in the workplace is essential to preventing property damage, injuries, and even death.

    As a leader, when you see somebody doing something wrong, it's essential that you say something. But the way you say it can make the difference between genuinely improving safety and aggravating the inherent friction between workers and management.

    The 'Manage by Walking Around' Conversation

    It's important for leaders to walk around and personally observe their operations.... Read more →

  • Hard Hats 'Recommended' for Forklift Operators

    Hard hats are one of those controversial workplace safety features that are a constant source of contention between workers and management.

    Some workers, including a lot of forklift operators, don't like to wear hard hats on the job because they say they can make it difficult to see, inhibits their peripheral vision, or simply make them too uncomfortably hot.

    All over the US, dock and warehouse managers are fighting the "hard hat battle" every day in their workplace. Forcing reluctant drivers to do something they don't want to do can be frustrating and tiresome. It can create hard feelings... Read more →

  • Biggest Forklift Danger in the Workplace? Ignorance

    There are a lot of things that can go wrong when operating a forklift. Heavy machinery that has a lot of moving parts and can drive at high speeds while lifting thousands of pounds high overhead are inherently dangerous.

    But perhaps the biggest danger involving forklifts in the workplace is ignorance. When people are working on or around forklifts and don't know what they are doing or the potential for danger in working with heavy machinery, it can be a recipe for disaster.

    Overcoming Ignorance

    The best way to defeat ignorance is through education. Training workers to be aware of the... Read more →

  • Considerations Before Purchasing a Forklift Work Platform

    A forklift work platform
    (Courtesy: Monica Zou at

    Forklift work platforms can be useful forklift attachments that can expand the capabilities of your vehicle. They allow workers to reach heights safely and comfortably, often replacing the need for other costly equipment such as scissor lifts, cherry pickers, and scaffolding.

    Not all forklift work platforms are alike. Each has its own unique features and specifications. Before investing in work platform forklift attachments, businesses should take into account a number of important considerations that can help them buy the... Read more →

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