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  • The One Thing Forklift Operators Need to Do Daily

    brakingDriving a forklift can be repetitive. Performing the same tasks day in and day out can even be boring. But even the littlest mistake can have grave consequences for forklift operators.

    Forklifts are not toys. They are powerful, multi-ton industrial machines that can cause injury or even death if not driven properly and carefully. This is especially true if there already is something broken or worn on the vehicle before the operator even gets behind the wheel.

    Operator Ignorance

    Performing a pre-shift forklift inspection can help avoid many potential accidents. Yet it's not something¬†every... Read more →

  • Lessons Learned from Breaking Down a Fatal Forklift Accident

    The accidental death of a warehouse worker who fell to his death while improperly from a wooden pallet elevated from a forklift offers important safety lessons for other businesses.

    The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration, in its monthly "Fatal Facts" newsletter for the month of November, broke down the recent accident to determine what went wrong and what steps other businesses can take to avoid similar tragedies.

    What Happened

    The warehouse worker, who was not identified in the analysis, was killed after he fell a distance of seven feet from the wooden pallet he had been... Read more →

  • Forklift Maker Offers Help to Hurricane Harvey Victims

    Downtown Houston flooded in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

    On August 26, Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the eastern coast of Texas, leaving in its wake devastation, death, and more than $200 billion in damage.

    Now the largest supplier of forklifts in the US, Toyota, has donated $50,000 in aid to Gulf Coast communities affected by the deadly storm.

    The money -- which came from Toyota Industries Corporation, Toyota Materials Handling USA, Toyota Industrial Equipment, and Toyota Commercial Finance -- will help local Toyota dealerships that suffered storm damage, as well as area... Read more →

  • Dock Safety: Closing the Gap Reduces Forklift Accidents

    Tip-over accidents are by far the most common cause of workplace injuries among forklift operators. And the most common cause of tip-over accidents is the gap that exists between a dock and truck, trailer, or railroad car it is loading or unloading.

    Left unsecured, vehicles parked at the dock can move or shift, either by accident or because the driver unintentionally drove away. If this occurs while a forklift is between the dock the vehicle, it can be a fatal mistake -- even if a dock board is being used to fill the gap.

    Securing Vehicles to the Dock

    One of the best ways to eliminate this... Read more →

  • Checking A Forklift

    Although a warehouse company probably has a forklift fleet manager on the staff, the process of making sure that a forklift is in good condition for use is the ultimate responsibility of the person who operates it. As they already know, there are many types of forklifts being used today. One size does not fit all. however, checking a forklift follows the same procedure regardless of the type. So when inspecting a forklift for safe use consider these points.

    The forklift operator should inspect several elements of the lift to ensure safe use.
    (Photo courtesy of Bahrns ToyotaLift - Serving... Read more →

  • Proper Seat Position Is Essential to Forklift Safety

    Have you ever watched a teenage driver just jump into a car and drive off without making any adjustments to the seats, mirrors, or steering wheel? They are in such as hurry to get where they are going that they could care less about comfort or safety.

    An experienced forklift operator driving a lift truck needs to be a lot more conscientious than an impetuous teenager. To maximize forklift safety, every time you get behind the wheel it's necessary to make all the necessary adjustments before you begin driving the vehicle.

    It could make the difference between life and death.

    Adopting the... Read more →

  • Fork Mounted Front Loader Can Do Double Duty

    If you already use a fork mounted front loader attachment with your forklift, it could pay double dividends this winter.

    Front loaders can often be used to transform your forklift into a makeshift snow plow to clear snow from docks, parking areas, driveways, and other essential work zones.

    Simply slip the attachment over your vehicle's forks, dress in some warm clothes, and get ready to save some money and time on snow removal this winter.

    Preparing for Winter's Heavy Snow

    Front loader attachments can enable your existing equipment to remove snow and ice from essential areas, keeping your... Read more →

  • Filling The Hydraulic Fluid In A Toyota Forklift

    The proper level of pressure driven liquid in a Toyota forklift hydraulic system is essential for the lift and guide of a load.
    (Photo courtesy of Bahrns ToyotaLift - Serving Central and Southern Illinois)

    Liquid pressure is an essential element in the operation of a forklift. Such pressure is used to lift and guide loads. So it is paramount to include the correct level of pressure driven liquid in a Toyota forklift. It is suggested that you change pressure driven oil on the forklift after 1,000 hours of use.

    Putting Pressure Driven Liquid Into A Toyota Forklift

    Prior to performing the... Read more →

  • Respect the 'Stability Triangle' to Enhance Forklift Safety

    Cars and forklifts are different in a lot of ways. The average passenger car weighs between 3,000 and 4,000. But industrial forklifts can weigh 9,000 pounds or higher.

    Forklifts also have a much different center of gravity than passenger cars. On a forklift, the center of gravity tends to be much higher than that of a car. Plus, a forklift's center of gravity will shift whenever the lift truck picks up a load.

    The forklift's higher weight has a lot to do with this. But so does the fact that forklifts touch the ground in three places -- where each of its wheels meets the road -- while cars... Read more →

  • Toyota Forklifts Offer Excellence for 50 Years

    One of many stand up riders offered by Toyota.

    Toyota Material Handling USA hit a special milestone during 2017. The company has supplied the world's finest forklifts and other industrial vehicles to businesses in the US for 50 years.

    Fifty years is a long time for any business, especially one like Toyota which has consistently built one of the best-selling and most reliable forklifts in the industry. Toyota currently is the number one forklift in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

    Humble Origins

    The first Toyota forklift was sold to a grape farmer in Fresno,... Read more →

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