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  • Should Drivers Be Allowed to 'Personalize' Their Cabin?

    Photo courtesy of Bryan Van Devender via

    It's natural for people to take ownership of their workspace. Office workers will often put pictures of loved ones on their desks. Some restaurant servers will wear pins or other items to show off their interests. Taxi drivers will add back massagers, special lighting, sound systems, and other objects to the interiors of their vehicles.

    So should forklift operators be allowed to take photos of their loved ones and other personal items inside the cab of their lift trucks?

    Generally, it's not a good idea and here's why.

    Forklifts Are... Read more →

  • Fuel Cells Experience Gains In All Industries

    With more and more companies in just about every industry committing to a cleaner environment policy, sales of fuel cells show a major jump in 2016, according to a new report from the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA).

    Hydrogen Fuel Cells.
    (Courtesy: U.S. Dept. of Energy at

    According to the report, titled The Business Case for Fuel Cells 2016, The reason for the jump is that more companies are recognizing the benefits of using fuel cells that include clean, reliable, on-demand power generation; fuel flexibility with the ability to use pure hydrogen, natural gas... Read more →

  • Helping You Find Your Forklift Replacement Seats

    The saying, "If you can't fix it, duct it" is a "forklift foul". This seat is way past replacement time.

    As with any chair or seat, when the seat goes so does the comfort and if you prolong a replacement it will indeed take a toll on those taking a seat. This especially stands true for vehicles. The harder the ride, the more comfortable the seat should be. For instance many can relate to the rough ride in a vehicle with a stiff suspension, especial if the surface is rock, dirt, lined with pot holes or worse yet a combination of any of the aforementioned. The ride takes a toll and beats... Read more →

  • Hopper Attachments Make Collecting Materials Simple and Efficient

    Photo courtesy of Jacob Dickinson (via

    Hopper forklift attachments are like containers that can be attached to the forks on lift trucks, allowing them to be easily moved throughout a business. They are used to collect everything from finished products to recyclable waste products to garbage.

    While there also are freestanding hoppers on casters that can be pushed manually from area to area, the benefit of forklift-mounted hoppers is that they can move very heavy loads easily. They also provide improved control over fully filled hoppers, allowing operators to drive them to... Read more →

  • Providing Personal Protective Equipment Good for Business

    Changing propane tanks or recharging batteries on forklifts can be a risky job. In both instances, there is a lot that can go wrong.

    So providing employees with personal protective equipment (PPE) that helps minimize risk and protect them from hazards is good for both your business and your employees.

    Propane Hazards

    Propane is a highly explosive, colorless, odorless gas. It's also one of the most common fuels for industrial forklifts. In a busy warehouse or dock operation running multiple daily shifts, propane tanks may need to be changed daily.

    If a propane tank is leaking or not... Read more →

  • New Rollerforks With Push-Pull Feature Offers Pallet-less Handling Solution

    Meijer Handling Solutions with headquarters in Franklin, North Carolina in the United States and Jacobiparochie, The Netherlands, is offering ROLLERFORKS® featuring a push-pull attachment combination.

    The product, which is patented, offers push-pull technology that permits pallet-less handling. It is made of a high visibility faceplate with ROLLERFORKS instead of platens. The forks can be manually adjusted on the carriage to compensate for load support or variable pallet widths. The ROLLERFORKS permits quick and easy handling and placement of floor-loaded pallet-less goods. The hydraulic... Read more →

  • When Choosing a Forklift Type, Look to the Future

    Photo courtesy: Ingeniorforeningen IDA at

    The price of gasoline is rising after a prolonged period of cheap gas. Some experts predict it will hit a three-year high by the end of this year.

    For businesses buying a new forklift, things like the price of gas, diesel, propane and other fuels are a major consideration. And not just the current prices, either.

    How much fuel will cost throughout the expected useful life of the vehicle should also influence the decision about what type of forklift to purchase.

    Looking Ahead

    Predicting the future is an impossible task. In the current... Read more →

  • Forklift Toys and Books Can Help Children Understand Your Job

    If you work on or around forklifts, power jacks, and other materials handling equipment and you have young children at home, buying them gifts of forklift toys or forklift-related children's books is a good way to help them understand what you do while you are at work.

    Children naturally look up to their parents, especially when they are very young. So giving them toys that are related to your profession can help kids visualize what you do at work and pretend to be just like you when they grow up.

    Forklift Toys and Models

    Toys related to the materials handling and construction industries... Read more →

  • Amazon Buys a Quarter of Plug Power

    Ecommerce giant Amazon has announced intentions to purchase 23% of Plug Power, maker of hydrogen fuel cells for use on vehicles including forklifts.

    Plug Power's GenKey fuel station.
    (Courtesy: Plug Power)

    Amazon plans to equip forklifts at 11 of its fulfillment centers with hydrogen fuel cells and will be supporting them with Plug Power’s GenKey technology, which offers faster charger times, reduced costs and energy efficiency in Amazon’s fulfillment operations.

    The agreement with Amazon may be worth as much as $600 million for Plug Power, which is located in Latham, New York.... Read more →

  • Forklift Log Books Can Protect Your Business

    There are many businesses that use industrial lift trucks that have forklift logs but never use them. There are others that don't have them at all. Both are taking a huge risk should something go wrong with their forklifts.

    Forklift log books are repositories for critical information about each individual vehicle. Federal law requires that forklifts be inspected daily, or after every shift when the vehicles are used around the clock. This requirement can be found in the Powered Industrial Truck standard at 1970.178(q)(7).

    Keeping a Record

    While OSHA does not require companies to keep a... Read more →

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