Magnetic Plate Attachments Generators Attract Attention

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A port in the UK is using forklifts fitted with magnetic plate attachments powered by integrated generators to make lifting iron and metal objects more efficient.

The fleet of 45-ton counterbalance forklifts fitted with the new generators currently are being used at the PD Ports facility Teesport, in the UK. The generators were designed and installed by Rushlift, a UK-based materials handling solutions company.

Fits into Side Stairwell

Unlike traditional generators to power magnetic plate attachments which were so large they covered practically the entire counterweight — obstructing rear visibility — the new integrated generators attach to the sides and are so small they can fit neatly into the side stairwell.

The generators provide the power required by the electromagnetic plate attachments which are used to lift steel crates, iron sheets and other heavy metal objects and transport them throughout the port facility.

Increases Versatility of Vehicle

Ian Hunter, Rushlift’s corporate accounts manager, told SHD Logistics that the new integrated generators were a breakthrough for the company because they improved maneuverability, visibility and safety.

“We offer a wide range of heavy forklifts suitable for port and terminals, as well as heavy industries and steelworks,” Hunter said.”Often these require powered magnetic plate attachments with their own power source. The latest developments in AC generator technology have enabled us to work with our supplier to provide a fantastic integrated solution.”

The generators that power the magnetic lift attachment run directly through the main truck controls. That allows the operator to have additional power management and control over both the vehicle and the lift attachment.

The Latest in a Long Line of Innovations

The new generators are just one example of Rushlift’s ability find practical solutions for the challenges facing their clients, according to company chairman Peter Cosgrove.

“Because our focus is different, there are many examples of us bringing our customers real innovation, new or unusual products, or simply a refreshing approach to the way we do business,” Cosgrove said.”We’ve championed the use of the latest battery technology at British Airways, redesigned 16-ton counterbalance trucks with our forklift suppliers, structure the UK’s largest ever supply and fleet management deal of Stain-Gobain, and kept Magnet ahead of the game with flexible contract arrangements. We are defined the by service we give our customers, not by the make of equipment we provide.”

In addition to the new fleet of forklifts, Rushlift also provided PD Ports with additional generators that can be retrofitted onto existing equipment.

Rushlift has six locations throughout the UK and more than 150 mobile engineers who work with customers from Cornwall to the Isle of Skye.

In addition to generators, the company is an innovator in online fleet management systems that allow fleet managers to access records, log breakdowns and manage their fleet remotely in real time.

PD Ports, which originally was a 19th Century coal mining company in Wales called Powell Duffryn, offers cargo handling facilities in Teesside, Humberside and the Isle of Wight.



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