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ForkliftAccessories.com - Founding Company Bahrns Equipment, Inc.

Forklift Accessories founding company, Bahrns Equipment has a proud history of over fifty years in forklift sales, service, parts, forklift rental as well as material handling equipment, warehouse and shipping supplies. Bahrns Equipment also offers lawn and garden equipment's top brands, sales, service, parts and much more. Since its inception, Bahrns has made customer service its priority. Today, the company is a recognized leader in the many fields we are involved in and has a reputation for quality, service and integrity.

Bahrns Equipment continues to expand its operations and enjoys the ongoing support of loyal customers in one convenient location in its home state of Illinois since 1966. Thanks to the internet, Bahrns now offers its services in many areas in the industry for a nationwide network of customers.



Bahrns Equipment was founded in 1966 in Effingham, Illinois. From the beginning, the company's focus has been on customer satisfaction. This company policy has paid off over the years. In 1992, Bahrns Material Handling and Equipment Company expanded its base of operations, moving to larger premises in Effingham, IL, where it built a 25,000 square foot warehouse supplies facility. From there, it expanded even further, first relocating to Champaign. Just 5 years after that, Bahrns opened ToyotaLift, their materials handling facility in St. Joseph, IL. Each expansion has allowed Bahrns Material Handling and Equipment Company to serve its customers better.


Bahrns Equipment owes a deep debt of gratitude to its skilled and loyal staff, many of whom have been with the company for over a quarter of a century. With that much experience in the industrial supplies and materials handling field, the Bahrns staff knows virtually all there is to know about the business and take pride in their ability to handle even the most complex needs of the Bahrns ever-expanding network of loyal customers.

Forklift Accessories

Forklift Accessories is a division of Bahrns Equipment Company. An outgrowth of the enormous catalog of all things to do with forklift accessories, components, safety and even training materials. Forkliftaccessories.com specialises in forklift attachments, forklift accessories and forklift parts, making it easier for our customers to find everything they need for their forklift fast. There are several advantages to using this site for purchasing your lift truck accessories and parts. First, you know you are dealing directly with a respected name in the materials handling industry. Secondly, you can buy with the confidence of knowing that you are buying the best products on the market at the best possible price. Finally, if you need any help with your purchases or have any questions, a highly experienced member of the Bahrns team is just an email or phone call away. 

Our Other Online Presence

Along with Forklift Accessories, Barhns Equipment has an online presence in other fields in the industry.

LawnEQ.com offers a large quantity of Lawn and Garden Equipment parts for all of you lawn and garden equipment maintenance and repair needs.

Local.Bahrns.com you'll find all that Bahrns Equipment has to offer. Kubota Tractors, Mowers and Construction Equipment, New and Used Lawn and Garden Equipment, Parts, Rentals, Service and more.

Bahrns.com offers Material Handling Equipment, Warehouse Supplies and much more.

BahrnsToyotaLift.com is our online presence for Bahrns ToyotaLift of Illinois. Our regional ToyotaLift dealership has two locations, Effingham and St Joseph serving Southern and Central Illinois counties.