There Are Other Options Beyond Forks

Yes, it is true that forks are the most popular attachment for a forklift. However, it is not always the right tool depending on the need. There are all sorts of other attachments that might be more efficient than a fork.

A variety of forklift attachments have been created that offer a safer way to handle products, reduce pallet damage and increase efficiency and productivity in the warehouse.

According to TVH Americas, manufacturer of forklifts and forklift attachments, some of the next most popular attachments being used these days include Sideshifters, Fork Positioners and Rotators.

Sideshifter. (Courtesy: TVH Americas)

(Courtesy: TVH Americas)

The Sideshifter permits forklift operators to reposition a load left-to-right without having to move the lift truck. Moreover, a lift that uses this attachment can more easily line up pallets without moving the entire lift.

The Fork Positioner adds versatility to a forklift. The attachment allows the forks to be moved closer or further apart from each other permitting the handling of different size pallets or odd sized objects more efficiently. It saves time and leads to more productivity because it ends the need to stop the forklift to manually adjust the fork spread for each load.

Fork Positioner. (Courtesy: TVH Americas)

Fork Positioner.
(Courtesy: TVH Americas)

Other benefits of this attachment are greatly improved handling times, and reduced fuel consumption, truck wear and pallet damage.

A Rotator allows the forklift operator to rotate the forks or the load of palletized containers boxes or drums. The opening in the center of the item adds safety because it gives the forklift operator better visibility.

If you want to improve productivity of your warehouse and add longevity to your forklifts, it

Rotator. (Courtesy: TVH Americas)

(Courtesy: TVH Americas)

is good to understand the various options of attachments that are available to you. More examples include multi-fork positioners, different styles of clamps for bales, concrete, appliances and drums, roll clamps, push-pulls, and more.

All of these attachments are durable and easy to install and maintain.

It would prove very beneficial if you take action to keep up with the debut of new forklift attachments that are specifically designed to improve warehouse operations.

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