Multi-Pallet Handler Attachment Redesigned for Power

Mutli Pallet HandlerA European forklift attachments maker has redesigned one of its most popular multi-pallet handlers for more efficiency, durability, and power.

The Meyer profile-guided pallet handler can handle one, two, or even three pallets simultaneously. The versatile forklift attachments feature side-by-side pallet handlers that provide faster operation speeds, optimal visibility, and greater load capacity.

Longer Life, Fewer Replacement Costs

Plus, in redesigning the forklift attachment, Meyer engineers were able to remove nearly all of its wearing components so that the new and improved model provides longer usable life on the job, even in the harshest of industrial conditions.

Working with experts at the University of Clausthal-Zellerfeld, in Germany, Meyer engineers researched the newest, cutting edge plastics that combine robustness and durability, as well as high self-lubricating characteristics, according to Ingmar Grabbe, Meyer’s product manager for its beverage division.

Designed for the Beverage Industry

Docks and warehouses that work with pallets of soda pop, beer, liquor, and other benefits have the most to benefit from the newly-designed side-by-side multi-pallet handler. That’s because forklift operators frequently need to lift and move one, two, or three pallets loaded with closed cases of beverages that are of equal weight, size, and dimensions.

Thanks to the Meyer profile guided pallet handler, the number of trips between warehouse shelves and truck beds or railroad cars — or vice versa — can be cut in half or even a third. That saves time and money and improves operational efficiency, boosting the bottom line.

The fork arms are hydraulically adjusted using a single lever from the driver’s cab. A side shift is integrated to position the loads accurately without the need for the operator to leave the cab.

Easy-Shift Manipulation

The multi-pallet handler now also features a dual mounting concept that allows forklift drivers to switch over from ISO Mounting Class 2 to Class 3 — or vice versa — using just one single side shift arrangement, giving the forklift attachment more versatility, according to Meyer.

Pallets can be lifted side by side with a gap left between them or as a closed single pallet. The forklift attachment’s redesign features improved visibility and synchronized movement of the bolt-on forks for greater efficiency and safety.

The fork arms are available in alternative fork lengths and with special load backrests for operations using customized load sizes.

Meyer specializes in building forklift attachments for beverage logistics, as well as high-performance fork positioners, rotating attachments, parallel clamps for home appliances, and an innovative range of products for the paper, pulp and recycling industries.

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