New Type of Forklift Clamp Provides Gentler Touch

J-Series ClampsJust a decade or so ago, many of the boxes and crates handled by forklifts were the same size and made of the same sturdy materials.

But increased competition, higher freight costs, and the shift toward online ordering has forced businesses to look for cheaper, more lightweight packaging. An unintended consequence has been a rise in damage caused by forklifts not designed to handle these newer, more specialized type of boxes and crates.

But now Oregon-based Cascade Corporation has come up with a solution. Its new J-Series Carton Clamp and White Goods Clamp models ensure even the most delicate loads are handled securely and efficiently.

Ideal for Lighter Packaging

The move toward lighter, less dense packaging has made it more difficult for forklift operators to handle boxes and crates using traditional clamps, forks, and other forklift attachments.

But Cascade’s new J-Series clamps are designed to provide optimal strength and reliability while minimizing damage to packaged products such as paper, appliances, white goods, electronics, beverages, packaged food, chemicals, and plastics.

The clamps featuring articulating pads that provide optimum contact with the load while distributing clamp force more evenly and accurately than earlier generation forklift clamp attachments.

Variety of Options

Cascade’s J-Series clamps offer a wide variety of options that allow the forklift attachments to be used in many different industries. These options include:

  • Custom opening ranges and frame widths
  • Custom arm lengths, heights, and pad surfaces, as well as application-specific contact pads (sizes and surfaces)
  • Frame bumper for added protection when handling loose loads
  • Various ISO mounting options including Class III and quick-disconnect features
  • Independent arm control
  • Regenerative valve for increased arm speed on low flow electric trucks
  • External side shift (optional)

There are even alternate valve configurations for left hand or right hand third and fourth function hydraulic installation.

Damage Reduction Add-Ons

To further reduce damage and create an even lighter touch, the clamps can be fitted with a hoist system accumulator shock absorber that reduces the clamp force required to handle the load.

There’s also tilt control available that can automatically adjust the angle of the mast and attachment so that the pad is aligned with the load.

A Volumetric Force Control feature lets you adjust clamp pressure based on the load’s volume. This lets you reduce damage caused by excessive force by automatically calculating the size of the load.

If you need more precise handling and optimal clamp force distribution along the pads, the J-Series forklift clamp attachments could provide the more delicate handling you need.



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