Stellana US Introduces New Polyurethane Tire

Stellana US, Inc., manufacturer of molded polyurethane and rubber wheels and tires for lift trucks based in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, has introduced the Smoothy®90 polyurethane tire for electric lift trucks.

Stellana's Smoothy®90 polyurethane tire. (Courtesy: Stellana)

Stellana’s Smoothy®90
(Courtesy: Stellana)

According to Stellana, polyurethane wheel and tire design has not changed much over the past 30 years. However, electric lift trucks have become bigger and faster and are able to carry heavier loads in larger warehouses. Stellana claims that the new Smoothy®90 offers tire load-carrying capability and offers driver safety and comfort for use with these larger electric trucks.

The zero TIR design and advanced polymer of the Smoothy®90 Tire ensures the best ride while maintaining the load-carrying capacity of tire of higher durometer.

The tire is nearly perfectly round at a softer hardness. The advanced polymer formulation along with the zero TIR design reduces heat build-up by nearly eliminating hystereis. Less heat leads to longer tire life, fewer changeovers, and more up time. Moreover, there is almost no truck vibration.

The Smoothy®90 tire retains its roundness even after it is pressed onto the hub.

A spokesman for Stellana asserts that mast heights on lift trucks are now exceeding 50-feet and the slightest vibration can cause mast sway, making the driver uncomfortable. The Smoothy®90 tire durometer polymer can carry very high loads and maintain crucial safety needs including quick braking and easy turning with little mast sway.

The Smoothy®90 tire is available in three tread patterns –- thin sipe, grooved, and diagonal and diamond groove.

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