New Device Helps Catch Reckless Forklift Drivers


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An operator gets into their forklift to begin their shift. But as they pull out of the parking bay, they instantly notice there is something wrong with the vehicle.

Maybe it pulls to the right or left. Perhaps the forks or mast is bent. Or the forklift could even have flat tires or other damage.

The operator doesn’t want to be held responsible for the vehicle’s condition, so he reports it right away to his supervisor. But unless the guilty party comes forward, it’s often nearly impossible to hold anybody accountable for the damage done to the forklift.

Until now, that is.

KEYSHOCK Impact Abuse Alarm

A new device offers a simple and affordable way to hold reckless and abusive forklift operators accountable for their poor driving. The KEYSHOCK Impact Abuse Alarm is a rugged, independent impact alarm and monitoring system that can be fitted onto any forklift or another vehicle without the operator ever being aware it’s there.

If the vehicle is involved in an impact, or the driver displays any other dangerous or abusive behavior, the device can automatically set off an audible and/or flashing alarm.

The KEYSHOCK Abuse Alarm also has a second alarm that goes off if the vehicle exceeds a pre-set speed.

Sounding Off on Danger

The device’s alarms can be set to go off continually or to pulse every six seconds until a supervisor resets the system using a special key.

Another option can shut down the vehicle altogether if the alarm is set off, or trigger a low-speed Speed Saver controller.

The alarm is also tamper-proof. Because it’s an independently controlled system, removing the battery power will not reset the alarm once it is triggered.

Tracking Abusive Events

The KEYSHOCK Abuse Alarm also has an automatic tracker that records the number of times of impacts and other abuse events. These can then be downloaded via a USB port to a laptop, where they can be studied by management to identify individuals responsible for damage or other problems.

Managers also can use the date recorded by the device to track patterns of abuse in order to change operator attitudes in how they operate equipment.

The device can be fitted easily onto any make or model of forklift. It uses a 8 to 60 VDC power source.

KEYSHOCK, which is based in Tampa, Florida, make a variety of products that designed to improve the safety equipment by monitoring vehicles and operator behavior with the goal of making employees responsible for the machine’s safe operation.

New products include remote monitoring, alarm and shutdown capabilities via cellular wireless communication, and website interface with actionable data.

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