Pick Up Dirt, Metal, and More with Forklift Sweeper Attachments

Large warehouse or distribution center floors are hard to keep clean, especially if dozens or even hundreds of employees are using them every day.

In some workplaces, the floor space can be hundreds of thousands of square feet. Just try to keep that clear of dirt, dust, and debris using a push broom!

For big jobs, forklift mounted sweeper attachments are often the solution. These convenient tools fit onto the vehicles forks and allow you to use your existing forklift to clean vast swaths of floor space quickly, safely, and conveniently.

Removing Dust and Dirt

Forklift sweepers are designed to sweep debris, dust, dirt, and other materials from dock or warehouse floors, as well as parking lots, construction sites, and other work places.

They can be used for both wet and dry materials. Some forklift sweeper attachments can even squeeze water from their brushes to make cleaning up spills and other wet jobs easier and faster. Some places even use their sweeper attachments to remove snow or help spread salt to melt ice.

An optional dust mop attachment can be fitted onto the sweeper for cleaning flat, smooth surfaces quickly using your existing forklift.

And some forklift sweeper attachments have magnets that can be used to pick up loose nails, screws, metal parts, shavings, and other metallic debris.

Sliding the Attachment onto the Forks

While there are many different types of forklift sweeper attachments, most have sleeves that fit over the vehicle’s forks. A locking screw is used to secure the attachment so it won’t slip off or shift during movement.

Brushes on the sweeper can last for many months, or even years, depending on how often the attachment is used and the size of the jobs it performs. But replacement brushes are also available. These slid onto the existing broom track so that the attachment can get back to work as quickly as possible.

Like most forklift attachments, the forklift sweeper attachment is an effective way to get more use out of your forklift. Rather than having multiple employees spend hours cleaning large floor space areas of your warehouse, a sweeper attachment allows a single forklift driver to do the same job in a relatively short period of time.

That reduces your labor costs and increases your productivity because those other employees can be assigned to other tasks. So, in essence, the sweeper attachment can often pay for itself within just a few short weeks or months.

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