Heli Introduces New Heavy-Duty Electric Forklift

Heli, a forklift manufacturer based in China, has introduced a new heavy-duty electric forklift. Referred to as the 10T Electric Forklift, the vehicle has a loading capacity of 10-tons.

Heli’s new 10T electric forklift. (Courtesy: Heli)

The electric forklift features a new streamlined design, super-low center of gravity, and excellent rear vision field.

It is highly stable with a load capacity of the mast that is better than diesel trucks with the same tonnage capacity. It comes with larger tires for better traction on mud and uneven terrain and the counterweight has been lowered for great stability and heavy loading capability.

Its two groups of batteries are arranged on the electric forklift with one on both sides and can be easily replaced. It features automatic water-in system and maintenance-free wet braking as standard equipment and a cooling fan that removes dust and is free and easy to maintain.

The electric forklift also includes a full hydraulic synchronous steering system and an automatic parking function that ensures quick and trouble-free daily operation, full suspension seat assembly that offers more comfort for the driver, and a circulating cooling system based on multi-point temperature intelligent control to ensure correct temperature for each component. A GPS system and intelligent speed-limiter offers safety in operation and easier navigation.

The company has distribution facilities in the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe

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