New Tires Reduce Operating Costs of Forklifts

Camso, manufacturer of pneumatic, airless and solid tires with offices worldwide including Charlotte, North Carolina, has introduced three new Solideal tires that are designed to reduce operating costs of forklifts.

Although there are many reasons for tire wear including how much load the vehicle is carrying, how far it travels, the number of hours it works, type of floor on which the tires travel and more, However, one of the most important variables to consider when thinking about tire wear is usage intensity. Application intensity reflects the amount of heat stress inflicted on the tire by a forklift’s duty cycles.

Camso’s new Solideal tires permit forklift fleet operators to match the tire to the intensity level of the work.

The new tires –- the RES 660 Xtreme, RES 550 Magnum, and the RES 330 – are resilient tires that have been reengineered to give the best possible life regardless of the intensity requirements of a specific application.

The Solidel RES 660 Xtreme is highly resistant to heat due to its performance compounds and low rolling resistance. It is designed for very intense application with long runs, heavy lifting, and minimal forklift idle time. It features a wide profile that increases stability in corners and lifting loads. The continuous center lug minimizes vibrations for a smoother ride.

The RES 660 Xtreme tire.
(Courtesy: Camso)

The Solideal RES 550 Magnum is the ideal tire for applications that require medium to and heavy loads, but is not operated 24/7. The tire features a wide profile, large footprint and deep lugs that ensure stability and safety and improves tire traction on rough surfaces.

The RES 550 Magnum.
(Courtesy: Camso)

The Solideal RES 330 is ideal for machines running in confined spaces on an intermittent basis. It is the longest-lasting tire in the industry and offers the lowest operating cost solutions.

The RES 330
(Courtesy: Camso)

To help forklift fleet managers select the appropriate tire, Camso offers online tools including the Usage Intensity Calculator to determine the application’s intensity, ensuring the right tire is selected without over paying for performance.

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