New Device Facilitates Moving Bulky Reels

Photo Courtesy of Logitrans

Photo Courtesy of Logitrans

Logitrans, a Danish company that makes specialized materials handling equipment, recently introduced its newest creation: The Reel Rotator.

The device, which resembles a cross between a forklift and a pair of giant mechanical pincers, is designed to lift, move and rotate the type of bulky reels that are used in a variety of manufacturing industries.

Dual Gripping Arms

The Reel Rotator features a pair of gripping arms that are encased in rubber to firmly grip the heavy discs without slippage. The rubber also protects the reels from becoming damaged during transport and rotation.

Gitte Kirkegaard Berg, the company’s CEO, said this design element is important because many of the reels being transported are extremely sensitive.

“When handling heavy reels, dangerous situations might occur,” Kirkegaard Berg said in a company news release. “We have therefore put a high focus on safety when developing the Reel Rotator. None of the models can open the gripping arms by mistake and the reels can only be released when placed on floor or pallet.

“On models with electric rotation, it is only possible to rotate at lifting heights, at which the gripping arms cannot touch the floor or legs,” he said.

Ergonomically Efficient

One of the biggest problems with handling heavy reels is ergonomics. It’s often impossible to live reels by hand. And while using a standard forklift is fine for moving reels from one place to another on a pallet, it usually can’t be used to remove the reel from the pallet itself.

That’s a big problem when you consider that a single reel of rolled steel or other material can weigh upwards of 800 lbs.

“The Reel Rotator is a welcome help for everybody who needs to lift, carry and rotate heavy reels,” said Kirkegaard Berg. “It protects back, shoulders and arms and makes it possible to avoid inconvenient lifting when handling heavy reels.”

Heavy-Duty Capacity

The Reel Rotator has a lifting capacity of 1,100 lbs. and can handle reels with diameters of 4 inches to more than 4 feet. It can be used to handle both smooth and hard reels. It is compact and maneuverable so that it can ensure optimal ergonomics while fastening, releasing and lifting heavy reels.

Some models feature electric rotation, which allows for reels to be rotated at lifting heights higher than 32 inches so that the gripping arms don’t touch the floor or legs.

Four Versions Available

The device comes in four different models:

  • LFRRM 1001 — This fully manual model has two lifting speeds — normal and quick — and features steering on both wheels.
  • ELFRRM 1001 — This electric model includes a remote control for reel fastening and releasing. It also comes with an optional positioning valve for quiet and precise positioning of the load.
  • ELFRRE 1001 — This version features electric lifting, fastening, and rotation, but manual propulsion.
  • SELFRRE MAXI 1002 — The top of the line model is fully electric and features a light indicator that tells you when the reel is fastened.

If you would like to see the Reel Rotator in action up close and personal, it will be on display at the 2015 Graph Expo trade show, which will be held at Chicago’s McCormick Place from September 13 through 16.


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