New ‘Intelligent’ Cat Forklift Wins Innovation Award

Cat’s innovative new line of “thinking” forklifts recently was awarded one of the most prestigious international awards for technological innovation, the Red Dot Product Design Award.

The EP25-35 N line of 80-volt electric forklifts feature Cat’s innovative new Responsive Drive System (RDS) which anticipates the movements of the driver based on his or her previous performance.

The RDS automatically adjusts the speed at which the accelerator pedal and hydraulic controls are moved to ensure that all movements, including stopping and starting, are carried out smoothly, safely and efficiently.

Recognized for Technological Advancement

It was that kind of forward thinking that resulted in the forklift line being presented with the Red Dot Award, which is presented by a German design group that recognized excellence in products and businesses worldwide. Special Red Dot Museums in Essen, Germany, Singapore and Taipei exhibit products that have been awarded the prestigious prize.

In addition to RDS, the new model of Cat forklifts feature intelligent curve control that reduces speed in a much more natural and comfortable manner than earlier generation steering systems, eliminating the sensation of sudden change or tilting as the vehicle takes corners.

It also features a next-generation dual 4-wheel steering system, including +100 degrees rear axle rotation. This helps make the vehicle more maneuverable and facilitates reverse turns that can be made immediately, without pushing back.

The vehicle also can be steered using the front axle, which reduces tire wear and provides improved agility and grip.

Bigger, More Comfortable Cabin

Another design element of the new forklifts is a cabin that is more spacious, has a higher ceiling, and is ergonomically designed for optimal comfort for the driver.

There are new progressive controls and related functions that are within easy reach of the driver’s hands, plus a newly designed adjustable armrest for additional comfort.

Then there’s an innovative new angled dashboard and counterweight to improve driver visibility.

Entering and exiting the cabin is also easier thanks to the step’s larger, high-grip surface and long handle. The battery cover also is curved to promote a single fast, flowing motion while climbing on or off the forklift.

High Tech Readout

The cabin also includes a full-color display screen which provides the operator with critical information, such as speed, tire pressure, battery charge, and other important information. The messages can be projected in a variety of different languages, or via helpful symbols.

A twin mode key switch can be set to ECO or PRO, depending on the experience of the driver and the need for either fuel efficiency of rapid performance.

Five Different Models

The Cat forklift line is available with five different models, including two compact versions, with capacities of 2.5, 3.0 and 3.5 tons. All feature standard “extras” such as automatic hydraulic handbrakes, hill hold function, and wet disc brakes.

Options include sideways battery exchange, incorporation of extra functions into the armrest, and intelligent speed and movement reduction which limits travel and tilting rates when the vehicles’ forks are raised.


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