Turn on the ‘Blue Light’ for Forklift Safety


Photo courtesy of TYRI Lights

A new technology developed by an innovative industrial lighting company uses a blue spotlight to increase workplace safety and reduce forklift accidents.

The BluePoint projects an adjustable blue light on the floor in front of or behind a moving or stationary forklift to notify other workers that it is in the area. The size of the blue light can be adjusted to a pinpoint beam or expanded into a large, high-visibility square.

The early warning signal is more effective in alerting workers of the forklift’s presence than a horn, siren or alarm, especially in loud industrial settings where hearing is difficult or workers may be wearing hearing protective equipment.

The brainchild of TYRI Lights — whose US headquarters is in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, but also has offices in Sweden and the UK — the BluePoint also is available in red or orange versions.

The light has an output of 300 theoretical and 248 effective lumens and operates in both 12- and 24-volt versions and draws 15 watts of power.

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