Leave Forklift Themed Holiday Gifts Under the Tree

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Another Black Friday has come and gone and the holiday shopping season officially is in full swing. Children’s wish lists are being written and distributed to family and friends.

The hottest toys this holiday season include Fingerlings, which are tiny robot monkeys that climb and do trucks; Hatchimals, which are tiny dragon-like pets that hatch out of little eggs; and DropMix, a combination card-game and music-based video game.

While these gifts are certain to fly off the shelves, they are equally likely to be played with once or twice and then discarded and forgotten.

Gifts with Genuine Meaning

There’s a difference between “hot” gifts and those that actually mean something to both the giver and the receiver. And while there is a certain amount of status associated with giving your kids the most popular, hard-to-find gifts of the holiday season, it can often leave both parents feeling somewhat manipulated and kids feeling oddly dissatisfied.

Think back on your favorite holiday presents that you received when you were a child. In all likelihood, they weren’t that season’s most popular toys, but instead were thoughtful, meaningful gifts that resonated and reinforced the bond between you and the giver.

Forklift Themed Gifts

If you are reading this forklift themed blog, it’s a good bet you either drive a forklift or work around them.

This holiday season, why not bring a little bit of your work home with you and share it with the people you love?

Kids love learning more about what their parents do for a living. So they will be genuinely excited and thrilled to receive a forklift-related gift from you on Christmas morning.

Forklift Toys

There are actually a surprising number of forklift-themed toys and gifts available. For example, there are forklift models you can put together with your children. These offer quality time with your kids during which you can talk about what you do when you are away from home and at work.

Then there are durable forklift toys that your kids can play with for hours at a time. Your children will be thrilled to pretend they are working with forklifts and other types of industrial equipment just like you do in real life.

For older kids, there are radio-controlled forklift trucks they can operate by remote control.

The best part about the holidays is giving memorable gifts to the people you love. This holiday season, take a break from chasing down the “hottest toys” and give your kids the forklift-themed gifts they will genuinely love long after the holidays are over.

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