Weighing the Advantages of Forklift Scales

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In just about any warehouse, docks, and shipping operation, the weight of the products and packages entering and leaving the work is highly critical information.

Consistently weighing pallets, drums, and IBCs as they enter and leave your business can control costs, increase billing accuracy, properly calculate shipping costs, and identify theft or damage.

There are many different types of scales that are used to weight products and packages in industrial operations, including roll-on scales, scales that are built into the floor or dock surface, and even mobile scales. But one of the most versatile and convenient types of scales to use are forklift scales.

Highly Accurate, Super Convenient

Forklift scales attach to the forks of your existing equipment and provide the accurate weight of the loads that are placed on them. These can include full pallets, cargo netting, or even freestanding packages or equipment.

One of the biggest advantages of forklift scales is that they can be used anywhere. Rather than transporting a package or pallet to a specific area of your warehouse, you can save time and effort by weighing items wherever they already are.

Forklift scales can even be taken directly onto rail cars or freight trailers so products can be weighed for accuracy before they even technically enter your property.

Types of Forklift Scales

There are essentially two types of forklift scales widely used today. The first type or built into the forks themselves so that anytime a palletized load is lifted, the forks automatically calculate its weight.

The second type of forklift scale attaches to the end of the forks. When the forks are extended upwards, loads can be hung from a hook attached to the scale to provide an accurate weight measurement.

These highly convenient scales can be easily attached or detached from your existing forklift as needed.

High-Tech Forklift Scales

While older types of forklift scales use mechanical systems that display the weight on a screen, newer models feature wireless data transmission that allows accurate weights to be communicated between the forklift and remote base stations, including tablets, smartphones, and other devices.

Using forklift scales to measure the weight of products and packages saves time and effort, streamlining productivity by reducing unnecessary steps in your warehouse or dock operation.

Forklift scales increase the accuracy of your shipments, help eliminate incorrect shipping charges, and help spot product shortages or shrinkage before it hits your P&L statement.



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