Italian Forklift Accessories Manufacturer Unveils Reach Forks for Improved Productivity

New reach forks from Bolzoni Auramo.
(Courtesy: Bolzoni Auramo)

Bolzoni Auramo, manufacturer of forklift attachments based in Piacenza, Italy, has introduced reach forks that help to improve forklift productivity. Designed to fit all types of new and existing forklifts, the new forks include positioners to increase the application range.

The company developed the forks after receiving a request from an Italian furniture manufacturer who wanted a solution for handling a variety of different size pallets without damaging the pallets and the goods on them.

The reach forks permit a forklift to load and unload trucks and trains from one side in significantly reduced turnaround space and allows for increases of storage space.

Due to their ability to improve forklift maneuverability, the use of the reach forks have proved to be a significant time saver and thus assists in saving fuel/battery consumption. Moreover, the use of the reach forks helps to reduce the number of forklift journeys and handling time by 50 percent and helps to increase storage space because they permit double-deep stacking due to their ability to handle two pallets at a time.

The reach forks are available with an assortment of capacities, lengths and strokes.

The reach forks permit an increase in storage space with double-deep stacking.
(Courtesy: Bolzoni Auramo)

The reach forks include such features as:

· Reduced friction due to nylon sliding pads mounted to the tip of the fork.
· A stronger structure due to a single cylinder fitted to the fixed element, chromed cylinder rod with reinforced bolt-on head, drilled and polished cylinder chamber in the fork, and reinforcement of the outer forks with a 6 mm Hardox plate.
· Easier maintenance due to retaining pin that permits simple removal from the forklift, hydraulic feeding circuit drilled in the fork up to the top of the shank, fittings directly fixed on the fork, and less hydraulic components due to the use of one single cylinder in each fork for the sliding motion.
· Different diameter cylinders and flow divider valve as well as a flow divider on the double reach models permits synchronized fork movement and equalizes the speed of the forks to maintain stability and efficiency during the handling of loads.

The forks are available in two models –- RS and RD.

Handling two pallets at a time reduces the lift truck’s journeys and handling time by 50%.
(Courtesy: Bolzoni Auramo)

Features of the RS Model include:

· Loading and unloading of vehicles from one side.
· Ability to handle pallets in double deep racking or reaching pallets despite obstacles in front of the racking.
· A pallet stop that ensures accurate positioning of the loads.

Features of the RD Model include:

· Ability to handle two pallets at a time.
· The capability of handling bulky loads.
· Handling different size pallets.
· Fork length adjustability from the driver’s seat.
· Double deep stacking
· Hydraulically powered to maximize the maneuverability of the truck when the forks are retracted.

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