New Rollerforks With Push-Pull Feature Offers Pallet-less Handling Solution

Meijer Handling Solutions with headquarters in Franklin, North Carolina in the United States and Jacobiparochie, The Netherlands, is offering ROLLERFORKS® featuring a push-pull attachment combination.

The product, which is patented, offers push-pull technology that permits pallet-less handling. It is made of a high visibility faceplate with ROLLERFORKS instead of platens. The forks can be manually adjusted on the carriage to compensate for load support or variable pallet widths. The ROLLERFORKS permits quick and easy handling and placement of floor-loaded pallet-less goods. The hydraulic portion of the attachment separates double-stacked slip-sheeted loads or removes a slip-sheeted load from a pallet. This makes the unit nearly twice as fast to use than any other push-pull system. It’s also easy to use and inexpensive to maintain.

The product is ideal for loading and unloading containers and/or trailers wit loads stacked on top of one another faster then ever before. It will lift loads stacked directly on the floor with the floor acting as a fixed reference point for turning the rollers. However, if the load is not stacked directly on the floor, but stacked two-high, then the push-pull mechanism can be used. As soon as the load has been maneuvered onto the ROLLERFORKS, it can be transferred onto a pallet using the ROLLERFORKS. This saves a lot of time because the mechanism does not have to be extended or retracted. The pull function is all that is needed to separate double-stacks or remove loads from pallets. Other tasks can be performed using the ROLLERFORKS without the push-pull mechanism.

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