Carpet Poles Simplify the Transport of Heavy, Bulky Carpets

Carpet rolls are one of the most challenging products to handle, especially if you don’t have the proper equipment. In carpet warehouses, they are often stored on high shelves making it difficult and dangerous for workers to move them by hand.

Carpet rolls are long, cylindrical, and heavy. While they are tightly rolled so that they might appear easy to carry, nothing could be farther from the truth. They also can easily unravel if not handled properly, creating a big mess in your warehouse or dock that can take hours to clean up.

Benefits of Carpet Poles

Carpet poles simplify the transport of heavy carpet rolls. They are fork-mounted forklift attachments that feature a long pole that fits easily into the center of the carpet roll, allowing operators to lift and transport these bulky objects quickly and easily.

While a standard carpet pole forklift attachment comes in a 2.5″ diameter, they also are offered in a variety of sizes and lengths, depending on the type of carpet rolls they are designed to transport. many can carry up to 2,500 pounds and are made of high tensile steel for maximum strength and durability.

How to Use Carpet Poles

Many carpet poles will slip easily onto your vehicle’s existing forks via dual sleeves. The forklift attachment can be locked into place using a pin or other type of locking mechanism.

The long pole, which can extend from 8 to 12 feet out from the mast of the forklift, can be maneuvered into the center hole on a carpet roll even if it is stored on a high shelf in your warehouse or dock.

Once the pole has been inserted into the carpet roll, the operator simply tips the mast backward slightly to lift the roll from its storage position, then backs the vehicle out to remove the roll for transport.

Care While Transporting Carpet Rolls

It’s important for operators to remember that transporting carpet rolls requires special care. The carpet roll itself may extend 8 to 12 feet from the vehicle, giving the forklift a much wider arc while turning.

If the driver takes any type of quick turns or fails to account for the length of the carpet roll, the results could be disastrous. Many operators prefer to transport the carpet roll to where it is going while driving their forklift in reverse in order to prevent collisions with racking, products, or other employees.

Carpet poles simplify the transport of carpet rolls while increase safety. While they can be tricky to use at first, once operators get used to them, they can become proficient relatively quickly.



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