Forklift Driving: How to get forklift certified

Forklifts Must Be Inspected Before Each Shift

Are you seeking a forklift operator position? Depending where you live, there are many forklift operator jobs available. However, most of them are requiring individuals to be certified by OSHA for operating forklift driving trucks. This is because safety is a major concern.  According to OSHA, 20 to 25% of accidents caused by forklifts are due to the operators being improperly trained.  Therefore, being OSHA certified is mandatory for anyone wanting to operate a forklift truck, as its sole purpose is to ensure the operators can competently operate a forklift and understand all possible safety risks posed. Besides certain states requiring forklift operators to be certified, most insurance companies require certification as well.  Therefore, being certified to operate a forklift is essential.

But exactly how does one become certified? Certification is regulated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). If you want to learn more about OSHA and their certification requirement, you can visit their website by going here.  If you’re looking into how you can get your certification to operate powered industry trucks, there are quite a few different areas you are required to be tested in.  You must pass both a written and hand-on exam before you can become certified.

While some jobs offer training and OSHA certification, you can obtain your certification by yourself.  This will increase your chances of employment, as many employers prefer hiring someone that is already certified.  Additionally, being certified can increase your chances of having a higher starting salary since the employer will not be required to train you.  If you are considering getting your certification without an employer, below are the necessary steps you would need to take.

Obtain the proper training

Starting off, you will be required to find a course where you can be properly trained and tested for the written exam. There are many courses that are available online that you can order.  You can also search for a location near you that offers traditional OSHA certification courses. You can click here to learn about our training course, which includes written exams, as well as videos and a training manual you can watch to learn all of OSHA’s learning objectives and requirements.  Many of the topics that you will be required to learn include:

  • OSHA and the OSHA Act of 1970
  • Regulations on operating forklifts
  • Required daily inspections before operating a forklift truck
  • Proper Recordkeeping
  • Safety operations
  • Material handling and storage
  • Proper handling of hazardous material
  • Fork attachment adaptation, operation, and use
  • Engine and motor operation
  • Visability
  • Proper refuling or recharging

Be Evaluated by a Certified Trainer
Whether you decide to do the training online or from a traditional class format–to become certified, you must be evaluated by a certified OSHA trainer.  This will require you proving that you can properly operate a forklift vehicle.  In order to do this, the OSHA trainer will evaluate you operating a forklift to determine your competency and understanding of forklift safety. In order to be evaluated, you will need to find someone in your area that is a OSHA certified trainer.

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