Forklift Accessories to Transport Bulky and Over-Sized Material

drumForklifts were originally developed in the 1960s for the purpose of transporting material. They were inventively made to be extremely small, yet have the capability of transporting materials that are thousands of pounds.  Most of us usually visualize forklifts as transporting material staked on top of pallets, in which the forks on the forklift moves inside of the pallet in order to pick up and transport the material. However, there are times when odd shaped or over-sized material needs to be transported that do not fit on pallets.  Under these conditions using the forklift as-is can be dangerous to transport these types of materials.  However, with the proper forklift accessories and attachments you can still use a forklift for transporting such material.  Here are some attachments and accessories one can use to help transport odd and over-sized material with a forklift truck. We provide a wide host of different attachments and accessories on our website, which you can view by going here.

A Caution for Safety

Before proceeding, it is necessary to add a caution for safety when transporting odd and large material.  When adding any attachments to a forklift truck, make sure you follow all safety guidelines and capacity restrictions placed on the forklift truck.

Forklift Extensions

Forklift extensions allow the operator to transport objects that are long or large.  Depending upon how long you need to extend the forks on your forklift, there are a wide variety of sizes available.  Please note that OSHA requires that the forks should not be extended more than 1.5 times the existing fork length.  This is due to the fact as the fork extends longer, the weight capacity decreases.

As shown below, you can safely transport rolls, as well as other similarly shaped material.  To learn more about our round forklift extensions, please go here.


Haul it with a forklift Trailer hitch

Forklifts are notably known for their capability of actually lifting material up and safely transporting it to its needed destination.  However, with a forklift trailer hitch, you can attach the wide variety of accessories available for vehicle hitches.  This includes installing a large cargo carrier.  By utilizing a trailer hitch, your possibilities of easily hauling bulky and odd-shaped material with your forklift are limitless. You can view our available Forklift tower attachment by clicking here.

Forklift Boom

A forklift boom is ideal for anyone needing to transport large oddly shaped material that is long and extremely heavy.  Common material transported by a boom includes long and heavy sheet metal, concrete sheets, as well as wood. You can click here to learn more about our available forklift booms.

Forklift Drum Attachment

Drums are commonly used transport liquid material, but it can be extremely difficult to transport them with a forklift by itself, as they can tilt over.  This can be extremely dangerous because drums are often extremely heavy and could also contain hazardous material.  However, transporting drums can be simplified by attaching a forklift drum to your forklift.  You can go here to learn about our available forklift drum attachments available.

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