Forklift Attachment that Turns Your Forklift Into a Towing Machine

hook-b63Forklift attachments are an excellent resource to help turn your forklift into a completely different machine. One popular attachment includes the towing attachment.  With this attachment, you can turn your material transportation vehicle into a towing device–allowing you to use the wide range of hitch accessories available on the market today.

Tow up to 16,000 pounds

Turning a forklift into a tow truck allows it to haul a great amount of weight—which will primarily depend upon your forklift capacities. Forklifts can generally tow up to 16,000 pounds, meaning they are capable of towing large automobiles.  Therefore, the forklift tow attachment can be very beneficial for businesses in the warehouse and construction industry.  But in what ways can the towing attachment be adapted for something useful for your business? This article will provide some ideas businesses are using the forklift attachment for today.

How it Attaches

Attaching this device is a cinch.  The attachment slides into the forks and securely mounts around them for support.  The end of the attachment resides the hitch, allowing you to place whatever hitch attachment available on the market today.

Ideas for usage

So what are some ways a business can use by converting a forklift into a trailer? Because of the wide amount of hitch accessories available on the market today, there are actually a wide variety ways you can use the hitch attachment.  If you simply review the different trailer accessories available for vehicles on the market today, you can creatively come up with some ways they can be adapted into the hitch accessory. Below are a few ways trailer hitches are used in the industry today.

Carry and haul trash with a trailer dump

This is probably one of the best uses, especially within the construction industry. If you have a trailer dump, you can attach it to the back of the hitch and use this to transport trash easily.  While there is a trailer hopper attachment available for forklifts (and you can check some out by going here)—if you already own a dump trailer for your vehicles, you can simply just buy the hitch, allowing you to use the trailer dump for both your forklift and your automobile.

flatbed trailer

Another consideration is using a flatbed trailer to hook to the back of a forklift trailer attachment. This can be extremely useful for construction and warehouses that need to haul extremely large and heavy materials.  the general forklift by itself can only haul material that is stacked on top of a pallet.  However, big and bulky material would be impossible to transport by such means.  There is where a flatbed may come in handy. Common uses include transporting large sheet metal, wood, cement, and bricks.

Transporting Other Equipment

If you have heavy construction and manufacturing equipment that needs to be transported to a nearby location, You can purchase any of the wide variety of trailers available. Hitch Trailers provide a ramp that will allow you to easily transport the equipment onto and off of the trailer.

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