Proper Forklift Parts Replacement and Maintenance

forklift partsJust like cars, a forklift requires proper maintenance, care, and repairing.  There are thousands of forklift parts on each machine, as forklifts are extremely powerful and complex, especially due to the fact that they operate both as a vehicle and a material transporter.  Therefore, it is critical that forklift trucks are carefully maintained and all necessary parts are replaced when necessary.  Keeping your forklift truck properly maintained also helps  helps promote forklift safety, as it helps keeps forklift casualties down, especially with older forklift vehicles being an increase risk for forklift casualties. Additionally, properly maintained forklift trucks help ensure your vehicle has the longest operational life possible.

What Forklift Components Needs to be Replaced and Maintained

There are a wide variety of parts and components that should be properly maintained on a forklift.  Because a forklift operates both as a vehicle and material transporter, both functions need to be properly inspected by a professional mechanic separately to help keep your forklift maintained properly.

Keeping Proper Maintenance Records

It is essential to keep records on all maintenance and repairs done on each of your forklifts.  Keeping proper records helps those responsible for maintaining your forklift trucks the assurance that all required maintained and inspections are done on schedule. As an additional benefit, if you ever decided to sell your forklift in the future, having detailed maintenance and repair records will provide additional comfort to prospect buyers–as they will have the assurance of the forklift being properly maintained and repaired throughout its life.  The more detailed maintenance and repair records details kept on each forklift truck you own, the better.

Properly Inspecting Each Forklift on a Regular Basis

Conducting a regular scheduled inspection on each forklift is essential for businesses to help ensure the forklift is properly maintained. This inspection should go beyond the normal daily inspection that is required by operators, as they are usually only required to inspect the forklift for normal daily usage.  A proper maintenance inspection should be conducted by a professional mechanic that knows how to properly inspect and maintain forklift trucks. Some of the pertinent areas that need to be inspected include:

  • Making sure that the steering on the vehicle feels right
  • Making sure the hydraulic line parts are functioning correctly and that there are no leaks
  • Inspecting the tires and ensuring they have proper traction, as well as they are not unevenly worn
  • Checking the fluid in the radiator, making sure the water is not rusty
  • Having a mechanic occasionally check the engine and all components are operating properly and are not run down.

Forklift Part Replacement

Once a forklift part breaks or shows enough wear-and-tear that it requires replacement—it is critical to have that part replaced immediately.  At, we provide experts in helping you locate and purchase needed forklift parts.  If you are interested in finding more about the wide variety of forklift parts we provide, you can go here.  Additionally, if you are looking for more details into proper forklift maintenance and inspection, please click here to review our other articles on this topic.

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