Forklift Attachment Hoists Heavy Concrete Blocks from Above

WR44 Overhead Side-Shifting Block Clamp Attachment (Photo courtesy of B&B Attachments)

WR44 Overhead Side-Shifting Block Clamp Attachment (Photo courtesy of B&B Attachments)

Lifting bricks and concrete blocks using a forklift’s front forks can be tricky. Lifting the weight of such a heavy load can require a delicate balance between the forklift’s counterweight and the payload. And if the operator doesn’t get it just right, the vehicle can tip forward.

But now there’s a new forklift attachment being unveiled next month at a Las Vegas trade show that simplifies the task of lifting concrete blocks and reduces the risks.

Help from Above

The WR44 Overhead Side-Shifting Block Clamp Attachment from the UK-based B&B Attachments is designed to lift loads of bricks, blocks, flag and kerb from above, rather than from below.

The block clamp attachment is built to help with the complex task of moving bricks and blocks on site. It’s an overhead block clamp attachment designed for the brick, block and paver markets.

The attachment features parallel action clamps with rotating options, for single packs of flag and kerb, as well as parallel action clamps with double packs for heavier loads. It also can be fitted with pivot type clamps that are designed for handling one, two or multiple brick or block packs.

Special Features

There also are load stabilizers and kiln tin attachments for green products, as well as special constructions for individual site requirements.

The new forklift attachment will be unveiled during the World of Concrete trade show to be held Feb. 2 through 5 in Las Vegas. The show is the industry’s only annual international event dedicated to the commercial, construction, concrete, and masonry industries, according to show organizers.

Founded in 1980, B&B is now one of the UK’s leading suppliers of forklift attachments and masts.







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