Never Lose Another Work Glove Ever Again

retractable work glovesSomewhere, someplace there’s a room that contains every work glove you ever lost on the job and it’s a very crowded room.

Work gloves seem to get lost all the time. And once you lose one glove, the other is essentially worthless by itself. Too bad they don’t sell individual replacement work gloves for half the price. Instead, you have to buy them as a set — and they aren’t cheap, at least not for high-quality ones.

No matter how careful you are when you put your work gloves in your back pocket or in your vest, sooner or later when you reach for them, they are gone. And its seems like no amount of retracing your steps or trying to locate them ever results in success.

Thanks, Mom!

But now there’s a new idea based on a very old concept. Remember when you were a child and your mother gave you mittens that clipped onto your snowsuit? Moms are smart: They know that kids are going to lose their mittens no matter how careful they are. By literally attaching them to your body, it minimized the chance they could get misplaced.

Taking a cue from moms everywhere, now there are safety work gloves that include clips that can be attached to your work uniform, belt or safety vest. These gloves feature a wire that retracts back into a coiled storage unit that includes a clasp.

Individual or Group Gloves

You can use retractable gloves to prevent you from losing them on the job. Or you can use one set of retractable gloves for a particular job, such as changing propane tanks. The same set of gloves can be attached to the tank changing area so that any worker who needs to use them will always have them available.

Changing propane tanks requires the use of gloves. The cool temperature of the contained gas can easily cause freezer burns when they come into contact with the skin. Heavy duty work gloves can help prevent workers from becoming injured when changing out tanks.

No More Lost Work Gloves

Safety work gloves can be attached to the worker via a retractable string, or to a work area with a secure wire to prevent them from being removed either by accident or on purpose.

In either case, the use of these innovative new safety gloves can save you from misplacing your work gloves so that you will always have them when you need them. And maybe that imaginary room with all your lost work gloves will become a little less crowded over time!



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