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Forklift work platform.

Forklift work platform.

You may not have thought about it, but the common, every day forklift is a lot like the Swiss Army Knife, with the right attachment it can do a plethora of tasks.

Not only can it be used to carry products to and from storage shelves, it can also be used to sweep the warehouse floor, plow away snow from the warehouse parking lot, carry trash or a lot of small items in bins or hoppers, reach products low or high on floor-to-ceiling shelves, carry pickers, and lift a variety of different items from large paper rollers to large containers. They can be used inside a warehouse, outside on a field, loading and unloading ships and railroad cars, and more.

What follows are frequently asked questions concerning forklift accessories.

Q: What is a forklift boom?                                                                                         
A: A forklift boom changes an ordinary forklift into a mobile crane. The boom can rotate and swivel and perform other actions to assist a forklift operator to lift a very heavy item. The boom is generally attached to a forklift where the forks are commonly located. Booms come in a variety of lengths and specifications so that it can lift loads of up to about 3,000 pounds.

Q: What is a drum gripper?

A: The drum gripper is a forklift accessory that permits the forklift operator to lift and transport drums. The drum gripper features the ability to rotate a drum so that the forklift driver can maneuver it into position. There are two types of drum grippers:

· A steel drum gripper. This device grasps the body of a drum.
· Bean drum gripper. This attaches to the rim of a drum.

Q: What is a forklift work platform?
A: A forklift work platform allows a forklift driver to transport personnel from one place to another in a safe and efficient manner. The forklift forks insert into fork pockets on the platform to connect the two together. A chain is also used to secure the attachment to the forklift. The platform includes a handrail that is about 42-inches high and handrails that are located on three sides of the platform. A 5-foot high-expanded metal backing is attached to the fourth side. This allows the driver to raise or lower the platform.

Q: What is a pallet dumper retainer?
A: The pallet-dumper retainer is attached to the forklift via the forks and hooks and holds the pallet to the forklift as it is maneuvered from one location to another. It can lift a load of up to 2,000 pounds.

Q: What is a forklift sweeper?
A: A forklift sweeper is an attachment that permits the forklift to sweep debris that is on the floor of the warehouse, dock area, and parking lot, or on the ground at a construction site. It can be used with wet or dry material and can also be used to squeeze water or push snow off of a surface. The sweeper attaches to the forklift with quicktite fork pockets and features 8-inch high bristles that are mounted on a light aluminum frame.

Q: What is a self-dumping hopper?
A: A self-dumping hopper is an accessory that attaches to the forklift using a locking chain. The hopper is designed to automatically dump material when the bumper releases the side of the dumpster. After dumping, the hopper will automatically return to an upright position. The hopper can also operate manually using a cable that the forklift operator manipulates from the seat of the lift.

Q: What is a hook-based forklift attachment?
A: A hook-based forklift attachment converts a common forklift into a tow truck. The device permits the attachment of a trailer or other portable equipment to the back of the lift. Steel safety pins connect the device to the forks of the forklift. Options that come with the attachment include lifting hooks, tow balls, and a pintle hook.

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