Customized Forklifts and Forklift Accessories

No matter how many makes, models, classes and codes of forklifts there may be, someone, somewhere will always decide they need something different. When they do, they customize their forklifts themselves and add or tweak the forklift accessories they need to make it perfect for their needs. From fashion accessories to robot controlled forklifts, this is the world of the customized forklift.

forklift barbecue apron from AustraliaThey take their forklifts seriously in the Land Down Under. So seriously, there’s even a website dedicated to forklift accessories — fashion accessories, that is. Along with hooded sweatshirts, tee shirts and, yes, even underwear, this company also sells teddy bears, coffee mugs and beer steins. Knowing Australians, the beer steins are probably big sellers, but this barbecue apron is probably a hot item, too, since all Australians love their “barbies.”

What happens when a forklift operator falls in love with a forklift saleswoman? Naturally, they drive to their wedding in a customized forklift. This actually happened when Kong Qingyang and his bride Shen Likun married in China. They met when Kong was out looking for a new forklift. He purchased the forklift, but at the same time, he fell in love. Or maybe he fell in love first and that persuaded him to buy the forklift. At any rate, they arrived at their wedding in style.

Customized forklifts and forklift accessories aren’t all fun and games. Students at MIT combined serious accessorizing with a little fun and games when they customized this forklift with robotics. The project is for the United States Army and the forklift is already being used to support ordnance disposal operations and surveillance. Some of the custom forklift accessories on the lift truck include sophisticated sensors that give the forklift “eyes” and voice command software and hardware so the remote controlled truck can be operated from a distance. There’s also a video feed, so the operator can see what the lift truck “sees” and issue appropriate commands. When it’s perfected, the final product won’t look like this, but for now, the MIT students get to customize their lift truck and fly their MIT colors.

These may not be the world’s most practical forklifts, but they have to take the prize as the world’s most environmentally friendly lift trucks. Yes, these are fully operational peddle-powered forklifts. Unfortunately, the site that advertises them is in Japanese, so we can’t tell you exactly what they’re all about or who the intended buyers may be, but couldn’t resist including these brightly colored peddle-powered custom forklifts in our blog.

Finally, here’s a forklift accessory you’ll probably never need. It was designed for drummers performing at the CeMAT logistics exhibition in Germany in 2008. The idea was to allow these aerial drummers to float above the audience, giving them a unique sight and sound experience. We’re not quite sure what it has to do with logistics, but are impressed with the unique forklift accessory anyway.

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