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Do you want to know more about how to use a forklift attachment? Are you concerned about safety issues or OSHA regulations? Online resources are available that can fill you in on just about any forklift-related issue you’re concerned about.

Online Resources @ Forklift Accessories

A good place to start is right here at Our free resources include FAQs about our company, how to use our site and information about specific products. We encourage you to read about our products before you buy. For example:

  • Forklift Seats gives an overview of the range of replacement seats we offer along with recommendations for choosing the right seat for your needs.
  • Choosing a Forklift Work Platform is an important decision. You want to choose a platform that fits into your workplace without taking up excessive space, but is available at a moment’s notice to encourage workers to use it. The right work platform boosts productivity and enhances safety.
  • Our Forklift Attachment Guide gives you the rundown on our best selling and most useful attachments.

Transparency and service have been the hallmarks of our success. We want you to know what you are buying and where our responsibilities to you, our valued customer, begin and end. To this end, we have included a Customer Service page on our site that explains in details our company policies regarding acceptance of orders, payment terms, warranties, shipping, damaged shipments, returns and more.

For more resources, scroll down to the footer area on any page on our site to find a full listing.

OSHA Resources

Here on our blog, we often write about safety issues. Our primary source of information about forklift safety is the Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) website. This voluminous site is filled with valuable information about OSHA regulations and general safety issues. Their Powered Industrial Trucks eTool is a particularly valuable resource that goes into all facets of forklift operation, including:

  • Pre-operation and operational inspections
  • Traveling and maneuvering
  • Load handling

Each of these main categories is divided into sub-categories. The well-organized eTool makes it easy to find out about any aspect of forklift inspection or operation you are interested in. Illustrations help clarify the information and allow operators to visualize the consequences of unsafe work practices.

Another invaluable OSHA online resource is their Attachments section, which covers a variety of common forklift attachments and the safety issues surrounding them. It’s worth noting that OSHA frowns on free rigging and recommends using attachments. If you want to use free rigging, OSHA requires manufacturers’ consent.

While OSHA’s eTool is an invaluable learning tool, most educators agree that the best way to learn is by using a variety of learning tools. That’s why we offer a wide range of Forklift Training Materials. You can choose materials on specific aspects of forklift operation or the Ultimate Training Package that covers all aspects of lift truck operation and safety. We also offer training models and a clever wire lift truck that allows instructors to visually demonstrate forklift stability issues. When a student sees an unsafe load topple the wire lift truck, the message becomes clear: forklift stability is important.


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