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If you have the right forklift attachment, there is almost no job you cannot tackle on the factory floor or in the warehouse. So useful and cost-effective are these attachments that many businesses choose their forklift after they have chosen the forklift attachment they need for their job.

If you are accustomed to just seeing forklifts in operation moving pallets around in a warehouse, you may not be aware of the dozens of other uses they are put to every day. In fact, it is amazing how many experienced forklift operators don't get the most out of their fork truck simply because the right attachment is not on the premises.

Not having the right attachment can be far more costly than buying the one you need. Take for instance the simple and inexpensive sweeper attachment. It takes perhaps as long as a minute to attach it to the forks, but at a full 48 inches in width, it can cover a great area quickly and efficiently in far less time than a manual broom can. Over time, it pays for itself many times over in labor costs.

Add to that the optional magnetic attachment and you've got a way to rid the floor of those metal filings, nails and other small metal objects that are so hard to sweep up. The nails especially have a way of rolling under the broom and then standing on end under a tire or boot, making them not only a nuisance but a danger.

Unlike warehouses that are specifically designed for full time use of forklifts, many factories only require the forklift for the occasional lifting and moving of pallets. When not in use for that purpose, they sit idle in a corner or used improperly for lifting heavy items. There are many styles of forklift booms that could be put to use to lift and move those heavy things quickly, easily and safely.

When you have a battery charger, a portable generator or other wheeled yet unwieldy piece of equipment to move, neither your forklift tines nor a boom may be right for the job. This is when an easily mounted portable loading platform comes in handy. You'll find dozens of other uses for this inexpensive forklift attachment, too. Stack boxes on the platform, for example and deliver them all at once to a truck bed rather than lug them one at a time.

Then there are indispensable forklift forklift forks and fork extensions to look into. Have you ever wished your forks were just a little longer? Have you ever damaged goods by cradling them between your forks? Do you wish there was a way to safely pick up and offload FIBC bags? In whatever situation your standard forks are inadequate for your needs, there's a forklift extension or addition that will fit the bill.

This brief article is only an introduction to the forklift attachment. There are so many available that only a good online catalog can summarize them all. If you feel your forklift is being under-utilized, find the forklift attachment that will make it perform better for your business.

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