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Forklift seats are often the most overlooked part of the forklift, but they are far more important than you may realize. Even the forklift operator may be unaware of how fatiguing a poorly designed or old forklift seat is until the one he is using finally splits open at the seams and finally needs replacing. Get the right replacement forklift seats for your forklifts and not only will your lift truck operators be more comfortable, they will work more productively and safely as well.

At Forklift Accessories, we sell a full range of replacement forklift seats. We keep seats from all major forklift brands in stock as well as universal forklift seats that can be adapted to almost any brand or model of forklift. In fact, when you browse our extensive catalog of forklift seats, you will be surprised by how many we have available.

Suspension Forklift Seats

As the name implies, suspension forklift seats have inbuilt suspension to cushion and support the operator. These seats range in price from as low as a little over $100 to as high as $800, depending on other features. If you have a forklift or fleet of forklifts that operators use full time, then you should seriously consider purchasing good quality suspension forklift seats. At the high end of the scale, these seats include features such as weight adjustments, adjustable lumbar support, back rest adjustment and horizontal seat adjustment and you can choose between vinyl and cloth coverings.

Universal Forklift Seats

In addition to forklift seats designed for specific makes and models of forklifts, such as Toyota forklift seats, we also stock many universal forklift seats. Some of these are budget seats and others have all the best features of high quality suspension seats. Before you decide on a universal forklift seat, make sure that it will fit on your lift truck. While they are labeled as "universal," there may be some forklifts that cannot accommodate some models.

If you are on a budget and have a forklift that is only used occasionally, then you may not need a suspension forklift seat. In that case, you can find many universal and brand-specific forklift seats for well under $100.

Many forklift operators neglect to fasten their seatbelts. A good way to ensure seatbelt safety in the workplace is to buy forklift seats fitted with seat switches. These prevent the driver from being able to start the forklift until he fastens his seatbelt and if he gets out of the lift truck for any reason, the engine automatically turns off when he removes his seatbelt.

Choosing the right forklift seat can be difficult because there are so many to choose from. If in doubt, don't hesitate to contact us at Forklift Accessories. We have been in the business of forklifts and forklift accessories for over thirty years and are happy to help you with any questions you may have.

Forklift Seat Bolt Patterns

To be sure the replacement seat you are looking for will indeed fit, look for the "Bolt Pattern" measurement listed on the product page for the seat.

To measure for the bolt pattern measure the distance between the bolt hole on the left of the seat to the bolt hole directly across on the right of the seat center to center of the hole for the width ("W"). To find the depth measurement ("D"), measure from the bolt hole on one side of the front to the bolt hole on the same side in the back of the seat center to center of the holes. The measurement is shown on each replacement seats product page (example) *Bolt Pattern: 11"W x 9.84"D. See diagram below.

Forklift Replacement Seat Bolt Patterns