FAQs Forklift-Loading Platform

forklift portable loading platform

A forklift loading platform is an ideal attachment when you want to load or unload cargo when the loading dock is not available.

There are a plethora of accessory attachments that can be used to expand the capability of a forklift. One of the most important is the forklift-loading platform. The forklift-loading platform transforms a common lift truck into a mobile loading or unloading platform. It is an ideal attachment for warehouse facilities when a loading dock is not available. Simply drive the forklift up to the truck or cart that is holding or assigned to hold a load and start working.

What follows are some frequently asked questions concerning forklift-loading platforms. It is hoped that the answers will enlighten you as to the practicality of this accessory.

Q: What is a forklift-loading platform?
A: A forklift-loading platform offers a safe and quick way to load or unload cargo and equipment with a forklift when no dock bay is available.

Q: What sizes are available?
A: Forklift-loading platform sizes include a 54-inch x 54-inch and 51-inch x 48 1/2 –inch. Both sizes have a capacity of 2,000 pounds.

Q: How does it attach to the forklift?
A: The forklift-loading platform includes fork pockets. To attach simply slide the forklift forks into the pockets and secure the platform to the forklift with a safety chain.

Q: Is there a choice of styles?
A: Forklift-loading platforms come with or without guardrails and steel mesh screen.

Q: Are there other features included on the platform?
A: The forklift-loading platform offered by ForkliftAccessories.com includes a 12-inch long beveled lip and four tie down rings. An optional handrail model is also available that includes two side rails, back mesh screen and chains.

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