Italian Company Builds Custom Forklifts for a Variety of Uses

Side loader used for boat handling (Photo courtesy of BP Handling Technologies)

Side loader used for boat handling (Photo courtesy of BP Handling Technologies)

BP Handling Technologies is an industrial design company that builds customized forklifts and other vehicles for such diverse industries as boat yards, timber companies, and airports, as well as traditional business such as construction and warehousing.

Not the Oil Company

Not to be confused with BP, the British gas and oil company, the “BP” in BP HandlingTechnologies stands for Battioni and Pagani Group, which own the business as well as Battioni Pagani Pompe, which makes revolving blade pumps for agriculture and other markets.

Custom-Built Vehicles 

BP Handling Technologies has designed and built a number of innovative forklifts and other hydraulic equipment. Some of its designs built in the past six years include:

  • A custom-designed 35-ton electric four-way side loader that was commissioned by the  Singapore Ministry of  Defense for an underground storage facility that houses ammunition.
  • A newly-patented hybrid 10-ton handler that has twice the lifting speed but only 60% of the fuel consumption and half the emissions of other handlers on the market.
  • Heavy-duty large-capacity side loaders built for Chevron Gorgon and Wheatstone Projects to operate in extremely harsh and severe weather conditions.
  • An electric multi-directional man-up picking forklift for ATK.
  • An ultra-compact electric four-way boat storage vehicle with telescopic forks that can raise heavy boats up to 30 feet in the air

Another unique design that BP Handling Technologies recently built is an ultra-compact airport passenger vehicle for carrying airline customers to Airbus A38- jetliners.

The vehicle features a new type of fixed mast boom concept that allows for reduced dimensions, increased cabin space, automotive-quality suspension comfort, and extreme stability for passengers riding inside it.

Benefits of Side Loaders

Side loaders facilitate the handling of long loads. They allow operators to overcome space limitations and restrictions, offer more visibility, enable a higher travel speed, and improve worker safety.

When used in warehouse, side loaders offer more product storage, more efficient use of available space, and reduce handling costs.

“Fast and safe handling of long loads by means of side loaders and multidirectional forks enable BP customers to overcome space restrictions, save space, and make a more efficient use of the available space,” the company states on its website. “Side loaders and multidirectional forklifts ultimately reduce handling costs, reduce warehousing investment costs and reduce operating costs.”

Used in a Variety of Industries

The company’s custom-built machines currently are being used in the timber processing; sawmill and woodworking, wooden panels and furniture, aluminum and frames; iron and steel plates; metallurgy; iron, steel and fiberglass pipes; insulation panels; concrete plastic and PVD; painting and plating; and petrochemical industries, among many others.


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