Customizing Your Forklift

The standard forklift you buy from forklift manufacturers or suppliers may not be fully equipped to handle the tasks you may assign to it. In this case, you may need to customize the machine.

Boom crane attachment. (Courtesy: Shelving and Lockers Installation at

Boom crane attachment.
(Courtesy: Shelving and Lockers Installation at

Customization of your lift can prepare it to better accommodate odd shaped loads or handle complicated missions. Moreover, it can improve productivity by reducing handling time and help achieve more work in a day; make the job of a forklift operator a little easier; save fuel by reducing the number of moves required to perform a task; offer more versatility; and enhance safety in the workplace by assuring better secured loads.

Disadvantages to Customization

Of course, there are some disadvantages to customizing a standard lift. They include:

· The more the forklift is customized, the worse the re-sale value.
· Breakdowns of customized parts can cause downtime.
· Some attachments are very expensive.
· Impairment of visibility through the forklift mast.
· Downtime every 250 to 300 hours in order to service attachments.
· Vulnerability to intense wear and tear.

Things to Consider

Take caution that you understand how the customized parts will affect the forklift. Problems to consider include:

· The altering of the forklift’s load rating.
· Replacement of the forklift plate.
· Additional training of forklift operators on the proper use of the attachment.
· More risk assessments and daily checks of the new attachments.

The possibility that an attachment can block the view of the forklift operator is a very

Forklift hopper. (courtesy: Teambonkers73 at

Forklift hopper.
(courtesy: Teambonkers73 at

important issue. So important that forklift sellers suggest that you schedule an application review of the attachment and seek advice from someone concerning what will work in the operator’s line of site. The dealer will help you determine how the attachment will affect the load, dimensions, and the stability of the forklift. When providing this advice, the dealer will have to consider the operating environment and condition of the warehouse including such things as corrosion, gradients, and working surfaces.

If you are consulting with a good dealer, then he will also talk to you about the economic benefits of using attachments to assure that their use won’t adversely affect your bottom line.

Although it is true that a forklift is a very versatile machine and it can be enhanced with a variety of attachments that assists it in achieving special tasks, take precautions that nothing detrimental to the operation of the forklift or your business occurs as a result of the

Forklift seat. (Courtesy: Ashton's Upholstery at

Forklift seat.
(Courtesy: Ashton’s Upholstery at

added item.

Forklift Accessories offers a variety of customized attachments for your forklift including:

· Hoppers
· Forklift Forks and Fork Extensions
· Booms
· Work Platforms
· Carpet Poles and Coil Rams
· Drum Attachments
· Portable Loading Platforms
· Mounted Sweepers
· Replacement Seats

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