Who Needs Robotics When You Have Self Dumping Hoppers?

a self dumping hopperThere is a lot of  new material handling equipment available today.  If you can afford it, you can even get a self-guided robotic order picker and dispense with “old fashioned” forklifts altogether.  Or…can you?  Even the most modern factories and warehouses still find a place for forklifts and forklift accessories like hoppers.

It’s no exaggeration to say that hoppers are a low-cost, low-tech alternative to robots.  The only proof you need is the testimony of a factory or warehouse supervisor who purchased self dumping hoppers after making do without them for years.  Let’s take a look at a few and see how they can be put to use in your workplace:

Low Profile Parts Hoppers

low profile parts hopper

You can get by without low profile parts hoppers and thousands of factories and warehouses do; but they do so at their expense.  Designed to catch parts underneath machinery, they also can dump the parts after they are collected.  This hopper alone can make your facility cleaner, safer, more efficient and more productive.


Low Profile Self-Dumping Steel Hoppers

low profile self dumping hopperAvailable in load capacities from 2,000 lbs to 6,000 lbs, low profile self-dumping hoppers are indispensable forklift accessories that no workplace should be without. Easy to load thanks to their low profile design and equally easy to dump from the forklift driver’s seat, there is possibly no greater time and work saving forklift attachment you can buy than this one.


Steel Chute Hoppers

self dumping steel chute hopperDesigned for use in areas where space is limited, steel chute hoppers serve a multitude of purposes.  The full-height door front remains firmly secured until the hopper is delivered to the area where its contents are to be dumped.  Using a release cable that can be operated from a safe distance away, the door opens to dump the contents and then automatically shuts tight.


Bumper Release Self Dumping Hoppers

self dumping hoppersEvery factory or warehouse collects trash — and lots of it.  You can place your trash in containers and take your crew away from their more productive duties to throw it into dumpsters, or, you can let bumper release self dumping hoppers do the work for you.  You can even buy them in a variety of colors to make each of them easily identifiable.  Simple to operate, they automatically dump when they bump the edge of the dumpster or can be manually dumped from the forklift seat.

None of these forklift accessories has any expensive electronic technology, but their self-dumping and self-closing mechanisms perform as well as any robot could.  Take a look at the full range of hoppers on forkliftaccessories.com today and modernize your facility the cheap and easy way.

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