The Floor Essentials

(Forklift Sweeper Attachment)

A cracked floor is a huge safety hazard, and it can be easy to neglect floor maintenance while focusing on the more visible elements of your job.  The following reviews of forklift products that are key components in keeping your floor workable, are helpful in choosing the right option for your needs.

Here are some products that will keep your floor in optimal working shape:

  • Non-skid Floor Coating- This is really the most effective floor coating you can apply.  It will give you sure footing, both while walking around and when operating your forklift.  The metallic grey color tone is neutral and timeless.  The Non-Skid Floor Coating can also be applied to a wide variety of surfaces, including wood, concrete, steel, and stone; and no heating is necessary.  Another benefit to this coating material is that it will withstand wetness, as it is resistant to brake fluids, alkali, detergents, or acids.
  • Joint and Crack Compound- Having a joint and crack compound handy is essential for patching up any cracks when they appear.  The Star Flex joint and crack compound is one of the best on the market; not only is it ready to go when you buy it (no mixing or heating needed), but it is long-lasting and won’t lose its texture.  It will seal cracks up to ¾ of an inch wide, and is suitable for use both inside and outside.  Anyone who works at a site where there is significant forklift traffic will appreciate that the Star Flex compound is designed with heavy traffic conditions specifically in mind.
  • Not only do you need the proper coating and compound, but a clean floor depends on a forklift sweeping attachment.  Especially if you work at a large site, sweeping by hand simply takes too long. The Forklift Sweeper Attachment is an integral component in keeping your floor clean, and it works great indoors and outside.  The aluminum construction is durable, the are bristles replaceable, and there is even an optional dust mop that comes in handy for polished surfaces.

It’s easy for the floor to exist as an afterthought, but a crack in the floor can result in equipment damage or personal injury.  Owning floor coating, joint and crack compound, and a forklift sweeping attachment will go a long way in mitigating any potential safety hazards.


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