What Types of Lighting Are Best for Warehouses?

Lighting controls have advanced significantly over the past ten years and now provide both industrial and commercial warehouses with a number of advantages. Networked lighting control systems (NLCs), which offer various benefits over conventional lighting controls, are one significant development. The many types of lighting control systems, control protocols, light control techniques, and the advantages of better warehouse lighting are an important advancement.

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Below are five basic types of lighting control systems, each serving a specific purpose:

  1. On/Off Lighting Fixtures: The simplest type, where a switch turns the light fixture on and off.
  2. On/Off Occupancy Sensors: Using traditional motion sensors in a warehouse space, the lights are turned on or off depending on activity in the space.
  3. Smart Occupancy Sensors: These technologies let the user to change the light brightness, much like motion. Design teams can create specifications such that the area is brighter while people are in it, and dim or turn off based on how long it has been empty. Depending on the environment they are in, smart occupancy sensors can also be programmed to turn on for longer or shorter periods of time. This is useful in areas like manufacturing sites where lights that shut down automatically could pose a risk to public safety.
  4. Systems that use Daylight Harvesting: This system detects natural lighting using sensors. Lighting is adjusted accordingly.
  5. Networked Lighting Controls: This system is connected to a network that allows centralized control of lighting throughout the warehouse.

Approximately 80% of commercial and industrial buildings continue to use inefficient lighting systems that cost a lot of money, wasting three times as much energy as is required.

  • Benefits of installing an efficient warehouse lighting system:
  • Thousands of kWhs saved annually
  • Thousands of dollars saved in project incentives through the utility provider
  • Huge reduction in energy use
  • Money saved annually in energy spend
  • Savings in annual maintenance costs

A professional LED warehouse lighting system offers a wide area of coverage and annual savings for the budget. These systems can be useful for warehouses, construction crews and other locations where forklifts are used. They offer strong, steady lighting that can illuminate the entire work site. It’s best to use high-quality, robust lighting fixtures that will stand the test of time.

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