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Forklifts come in a variety of classes, each with a particular set of uses. Knowing what class of forklift you require is crucial for a variety of reasons. Forklifts of the wrong class might be hazardous. You risk hurting yourself or another person if the forklift is excessively large or improperly prepared for the task.

The inappropriate class of forklift being used can harm your products, facility, and new forklift, which is a second factor. Last but not least, we want to make sure that we have the best solution for the task at hand—something that can handle the application without leading to a host of problems, including spending more money than you need to.

The Walkie Reach Truck has safety features like a high-visibility mast that gives the operator a wider view of their work area and excellent visibility of the fork tips. These forklifts have easy-to-use controls, which are anchored by an ergonomic multifunction control handle, an electric horn, and emergency power cutoff button are also included. A completely programmed drive system that allows precise control of the vehicle and minimizes product damage is included with the Walkie Reach vehicle.


These Counterbalance, Narrow Aisle, Motorized Walkie Truck Training Video Combo Kits come with Participant’s Guides with Wall Certificate & Wallet Card for each class of truck, plus Administrator’s guide and more.

These can be quite similar to Class IV and V units and, in most situations, can take their place. However, they are electric battery-powered rather than internal combustion engine-powered. Electric forklifts have historically proven perfect for a variety of activities, from loading and unloading tractor-trailers to transporting pallets and other items in a range of industries, from food storage and retail to general and industrial warehousing. These units can now operate in nearly all class IV and V applications thanks to technological advancements and are frequently better than their internal combustion counterparts.

Class I forklifts are frequently used indoors since they are much quieter than ordinary forklifts and emit no emissions thanks to their electric battery-powered operation. But some contemporary electric forklifts can likewise be utilized outside. Due to the batteries’ weight on Class I forklifts serving as the counterweight, these units can also be fairly small.


For use in constrained places, Class II electric motor forklifts, often known as narrow aisle forklifts, are available. They are perfect for maneuvering through confined locations in factories and warehouses since they have a smaller turning radius than normal forklifts. Class II versions are common picks for interior use because they are emission-free and quiet like other electric forklifts. They run on batteries as well.

SAFE-Lift 2 Motorized Walkie Truck Training

A thorough grasp of powered industrial vehicle operation is provided with the new SAFE-Lift 2 Motorized Walkie Truck training film. The film includes an easily navigable scroll down menu of all the modules present on the DVD or USB and covers all varieties of class 3 vehicles, including walkie reach, walkie stackers, and tow tractors.

This educational video explains about each lift truck operation utilizing imaginative visual aids and cutting-edge animation techniques. Your operators will love it. These videos are perfect for warehouses that must comply with OSHA’s Powered Industrial Truck Standard 1910.178.  Spanish and English versions are offered.

Forklift Training Bahrns Equipment

Bahrns Equipment, the parent company of Forklift Accessories, has a long history covering more than 50 years in forklift sales, service, parts, forklift rental, material handling equipment, warehouse supplies, and shipping supplies. We have a number of great forklift training materials including SAFE-Lift 2 Motorized Walkie Truck Safety Video Training Kits and Accessories.

Customer satisfaction has always been a top goal for Bahrns. The organization has a reputation for quality, service, and honesty and is now a recognized leader in the numerous industries we work in. We appreciate our customers and the trust you place in us each day.

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