Vertical Extension Platform for Scissors Lift Improves Range

ARA Rental Show logoYou’ve probably seen it a hundred times: The operator of a scissors lift needs just a few more inches of height to reach an out of the way work area such as a ceiling grid or a joist, so he sets up a ladder on the platform bed, jumps up on the platform’s rails, or even stands on a bucket or lays a few planks down to stand on top of.

Not only is this unsafe, but it could cost disastrous and cost your company a fortune should the worker slip and fall.

Now there’s a new product that extends the vertical range of a scissors lift platform safely and securely. It’s called the SHU (pronounced “shoe”) and it was introduced by Man Life Manufacturing during The Rental Show, the American Rental Association’s annual trade show held earlier this year in Orlando, Florida.

Provides Additional Height

The SHU essentially is a platform that attaches to your existing scissors lift platform to give operators the additional vertical reach they need. Not only does it increase working height, but it can be used with its side rails up or lowered. It also includes a fall protection system.

Promoted with the tagline, “Step into our SHU”, Man Lift’s new accessory includes safety cutout that disables the lift so that it can’t be operated when a worker is standing on the platform when the rails are lowered.

It’s platform adds an additional 20 inches of height to provide safe access to narrow areas. It was designed with the input of real world operators so it has applications for actual industry challenges.

The SHU can be retrofitted to Genie scissors lifts that have been manufactured from 2004 until the present, as well as 30 inch and 46 inch wide platforms.

Easy to Put on Your SHU

Installing the SHU on is extremely simple. To install the extension platform, all you need to do is remove the existing extension deck and roller bracket assembly then life and position the SHU onto the top of the scissor platform.

Once you insert the platform roller wheels and brackets and reinstall the roller bracket assembly, you simply secure the platform using the hardware provided by Man Lift and connect the provided cutout switch using the quick connect.

Positive Consumer Reaction

Chris Selden, who is a sales representative for Man Lift, said the scissors lift platform extension already is a big hit for the company.

“We are getting calls from rental companies that their customers want the product,” Selden said.

Man Lift, which is based in Cudahy, Wisconsin, knew it had a winner when it unveiled the product during The Rental Show because consumer response was so postive, according to Selden.

“The SHU is a product that needs to be in front of people,” he said. “Safety engineers did not know it existed” prior to the product’s unveiling.

The SHU is safer to use than ladders and offers more versatilty than the standard scissors lift platform extension.



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