Forklift Accessories for the Warehouse

robotics in the warehouseRobotics and other automated warehousing equipment is big news — and for good reason. We’re all fascinated by the rapid technological advances of the 21st century and large warehouse facilities that can afford the latest and greatest in technology always want to keep abreast of new developments. Not all warehouses are built on the scale of an Amazon warehouse, though. While our attention is being distracted by gizmos we have no use for even if we could afford their multi-million dollar price tag, are we overlooking inexpensive, low-tech forklift accessories for the warehouse that could boost our profits?

Efficiency, Productivity and Profit

One thing all warehouse settings have in common is the need to work efficiently and productively. It makes sense to spend a million or more dollars on a robotic order picker if it pays its way in the form of improved efficiency and productivity. If the price isn’t justified, though, it’s a waste of money and probably a short road to bankruptcy. That’s an extreme example, but it’s designed to make a point: if a piece of equipment improves efficiency and productivity enough to boost your profits, it’s an investment worth making.

Let’s say you have a small business with limited warehouse space. If the space is relatively small and warehousing is not your principal business, what kinds of forklift accessories do you need or do you need any at all?

As we have mentioned in previous blogs, forklift accessories transform an ordinary forklift into a versatile lift truck that can do far more than just move pallets around. Some examples of forklift accessories that can improve efficiency and productivity include

Not all of these are appropriate for every warehouse, but even if they are used occasionally, they can pay for themselves in no time and continue to boost efficiency, productivity and profitability for years to come.

forklift sweeper attachmentOther forklift accessories for the warehouse have more indirect benefits. Broom attachments, magnet sweepers, dust mops and other sweeper attachments are worth their weight in gold because they help reduce the time and manpower it takes to carry out unprofitable but necessary warehouse cleaning and maintenance jobs.

None of these forklift accessories for the warehouse is likely to make the feature pages of a major material handling publication and they won’t draw crowds to trade shows, but they have real world applications no warehouse can afford to overlook. If you like to look at the latest developments in automation as much as we do, do your business a favor and look at some “old-fashioned” forklift accessories first. They may not be newsworthy, but they are definitely noteworthy and still have their place in even the largest and most modern warehouses.

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