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Roller Forks

There may be situations where you have a great deal of heavy lifting to do, but don’t have a pallet. Should you find yourself in this situation, the Roller Fork is the ideal product. Introduced in Europe in 2003, the Roller Fork has been in the United States since 2008 and finally gives forklift operators a viable, cost-efficient alternative to using pallets. For those of you who currently use pallets but are looking to switch, the Roller Fork is easy to assemble, and they are easily replaceable as well. In the event that you want to have both systems available, this is also an option since the Roller Fork is compatible with standard pallets. The Roller Fork is able to lift loads through the use of dual rollers; when the roller facing the floor touches the ground, it causes the higher roller to go in the opposite direction, thereby raising the load onto the rollers. The machine looks a bit uncanny, but it works miraculously and is especially useful for transporting slip-sheeted cargo, tires, or cartons.

With a traditional lift truck, you don’t want it to collide with the pallet; but this is not an issue with the roller fork.  Even though the roller fork comes into direct contact with the cargo load, it does so without affecting the product, making it a much safer product. Depending on the type of load you transport, you may never need a pallet again!

There are many practical advantages to switching to pallet-less handling. First, there is virtually no maintenance since you don’t have to worry about hydraulics or lubrication systems. You also don’t have to think about whether the pallet is in good enough condition to operate. Without having to load a pallet, you also save a great deal of time and labor.

Everyone looks to maximize efficiency, and the Roller Fork is invaluable in this regard. With just a fraction of the start-up costs of a pallet handling system, the Roller Fork is proving to be a real game-changer in the forklift industry.















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