New Products Promote Safety

Wall damage caused because the lift truck forks protrude at the rear of the forklift.
(Courtesy:Meijer Handling Solutions)

Manufacturers associated with the material handling business are always looking for ways to improve their products to offer more safety and to avoid accidents. Three companies have recently released new products that do that.

Meijer Handling Solutions has introduced retractable/extendable forks. The forks are ideal for handling two-way pallets or differing load lengths for both novice and experienced forklift drivers.

Retractable/extendable hydraulic forks are safety products permit the forklift operator to adjust the tines to the correct length at the touch of a lever and without getting off the truck. This prevents the problem of oversized forks causing damage to pallets and walls and hindering movement. Telescopic forks ensure the correct fork length under all circumstances.

Interthor, makers of pallet jacks, has introduced stainless pallet jacks safety products that can withstand problems associated with wet, clean and aggressive environments.

Interhor stainless steel pallet jack.
(Courtesy: Interthor)

The new stainless pallet jacks, dubbed Panther Inox Plus and Panther Inox, have less components and welding seams. This ensures that there are fewer places where dirt deposits can form. The pallet jacks are designed for confined spaces and have low own weight, which makes them very maneuverable. The handle features ergonomically correct gripping angles and diameters to ensure to the user a relaxed grip. It therefore prevents injuries including back and shoulder strains. The pallet jacks also feature rounded corners that ensure that no damage occurs to surrounding packaging, pallet and goods during use.

The stainless pallet jacks are available in three models — Panther Inox Plus, Panther Inox, and Panther Inox Plus EX. Inox Plus is corrosion resistant, which ensures easier cleaning. Panther Inox includes chromite-treated parts and Panther Plus EX is designed for operation in explosive environments in which gases, vapors or fog is present.

PosiCharger ProCore forklift charging connector stations.
(Courtesy: AeroVironment PosiCharge)

AeroVironment, makers of chargers and charger stations for electric forklifts, is now offering Connect RX intelligent fast forklift charger with a safety PosiCharge Procore ™, which detects high heat in the charging cable connector and warns you before there is potential problems. The charger will stop charging and permit the connector to cool down allowing you to replace the cable.

The PosiCharge Procore also includes anti-arc technology, sophisticated charging algorithm and battery thermal management for safe operation of the charger.

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