How to Select the Right Forklift Replacement Seat

Forklifts take a lot of wear and tear. But the one part on your forklift that takes the lion’s share of abuse is the seat.

Forklift seats serve as the primary barrier between the operator and the surfaces upon which the forklift drives. Because most forklifts don’t have shock absorbers, springs, struts, or other appliances to absorb the impact of the continuous stops and starts and bumps and bruises, the forklift seat takes it all.

Forklift Seat Durability

So forklift seats are more likely to wear out faster than any other part on your forklift. The typical forklift that sees a decade or longer of active use could potentially go through three or four forklift replacement seats even if none of its other parts are replaced.

In most cases, replacing a forklift seat is a relatively simple and straightforward task. You simply buy the exact same seat from the manufacturer of the forklift.

This makes reordering the forklift seat easy. In many cases, the reorder number is printed on the seat itself. In others, it can easily be found in the forklift’s owner’s manual or on the manufacturer’s website.

Replacement Seats

But you don’t necessarily have to replace your worn forklift seat with the exact same seat — especially if you weren’t too crazy about its comfort and durability in the first place.

While forklift seats are not entirely interchangeable, there usually are many different seats that will fit any specific model forklift. Choose the one you like best and that you think will last the longest while providing the most comfort. Then make sure it fits your forklift before ordering it.

Test Driving Forklift Seats

Forklift seats aren’t cheap. So before investing in a new one, you want to make sure it’s the right fit for you or your operators.

Like anything else, the best way to judge a forklift seat is to try it out for yourself. While it may be impractical to order a seat and use it for awhile before deciding whether or not to keep it, you can test drive forklift seats before you buy.

If you know you are going to be replacing your forklift seat in the near future, in the weeks leading up to your purchase make a point of noticing the seats on other forklifts and ask if you can try them out. Most operators will be happy to let you take their vehicle for a spin if you explain why.

Choosing the right forklift seat is actually a pretty important decision because it affects the comfort, safety, and productivity of your operators. Take the time to make the right decision. And when you are ready to buy, go to


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