New Forklift Can Move in All Four Directions

All Operators Must be 18 or Older

An innovative new forklift introduced recently by the Raymond Corporation can move not only forwards and backward, but also side to side.

The four directional travel capabilities of the new 7310 4-D Reach-Fork truck makes it ideal for working in tight locations, such as narrow aisle warehouses. And the company that manufactures it claims it’s unique abilities can increase usable storage space by 40%.

How It Works

The operator can use a spool device to spin the vehicle sideways, even when it is carrying a full load. This reduces the need for the room most forklifts need to turn corners and allows operators tor work in tighter spaces even when handling long, bulky loads.

Conventional forklifts require aisle that are wide enough to permit right angle maneuvering with long loads. But the new 7310 4-D Reach-Fork truck can move sideways down aisles, eliminating the need for right angle turns and reducing the potential for loads colliding with racks, beams, and other inventory.


Aisle widths can be reduced because there’s no need for right-angle turns. Speed and efficiency also can be increased so that loads can be picked and placed more precisely and in less time.

Vehicle Specifications

The 7310 4-D is powered by a 35-volt battery and can carry loads as wide as 22 feet. It has a 4,500 lb maximum lifting capacity and can reach a height of 268 inches.

A side shifter allows the operator to move the carriage 2″ each way so loads can be placed in the optimal position. This feature also allows loads to be lifted even if they are not perfectly aligned with the truck, saving time on truck movements because loads can be stacked closer together.

There’s a camera located below the fork carriage so drivers can get a view of exactly where they are placing their pallets, even when it is extended up high. Plus, the vehicle has fork-tip laser guides that show fork positioning so the driver can have better accuracy in placing the loads.

There also is the option to add two additional forks, bringing the total to four forks, in order to handle long, flexible loads that need extra support.

Operator Visibility

The 7310 4-D is a ride-on forklift that has an open mast, giving operators an obstructed field of vision. There also are digital onboard displays that inform drivers of their current steering orientation and allows for quick switching to multi-directional travel

“In 1957, Raymond introduced the first four-directional truck for better handling and storage of wide loads like lumber, linoleum, carpet, drywall and piping, in minimal space,” said Susan Comfort, the company’s narrow-aisle product manager in a news release. “This latest update takes this space-saving concept for long-load handling to a new level.

“With demands on operations constantly building, the efficient use of storage space and increased productivity are crucial,” Comfort said. “The 4-D truck can help address some of those demands by creating more storage space and improving efficiency.”

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