Market For Reach stackers Growing

According to Fact.MR, a global market intelligence company based in Dublin, Ireland, sales of reach stackers jumped to 1,364 units worldwide in 2018 and growth of 7 percent is expected in 2019.

Strength in demand for container, port and materials handling equipment along with a rapid increase in the number of seaports involved in seaborne trading are credited for the jump in sales.

Major expansion of intermodal barge shipping to smaller and canal waterways has sparked a demand for water reach stackers with tri-modal handling functionality for road, rail, and water, Fact.MR reports.

Global demand booming for reach stackers says report.


The analysis notes that there has been a substantial increase in port activity and cargo handling of containers and bulk cargo. This has created a need for improved and safer port infrastructure to meet the increasing pace of seaborne trading.

The flexibility of the higher stacking and storage capacity of reach stackers are expected to increase their global appeal in the near future.

The report also notes that reach stackers are being used more in warehouses and factories.

The report adds that while internal combustion engine reach stackers are dominating the market, sales of hybrid variants are increasing. This is in line with the growing manufacturer shift towards advanced propulsion systems to power reach stacker models.

Considerable increase of demand for eco-friendly forms of advanced propulsion will continue to grow globally due to the need to reduce the use of carbon emission propulsion systems, according to the report.

This is why many materials handling manufacturing companies are developing fuel cell-powered propulsion for their materials handling vehicles.


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