Different Styles Of Forklifts And What They Do Best

Having a viable fleet of forklifts is essential for a bustling warehouse. What style you choose assures that operations are efficient.

There are six styles of forklifts:

• Industrial counterbalance forklift
• Industrial reach forklift
• Industrial side loader forklift
• Telescopic/telehandler forklift
• Rough terrain forklift
• Pedestrian pallet operated truck

Industrial Counterbalance Forklifts


The most common and well-recognized style of forklift is the counterbalance, also referred to as the warehouse truck. This type of lift is ideal for indoor use where the surface is smooth. It is weighted at the rear so that it offers a stronger and more stable operation. It features three wheels for strong mobility, permitting the machine to perform circular transport. It is also narrow to offer access to smaller aisles. It’s a great choice for handling general needs.

Industrial Reach Forklift

Also ideal for indoor use, it works best in circumstances in which the counterbalance lift can’t reach high levels. It is ideal for high reach applications where the aisles are narrow, but full of a lot of stored items that regularly need loading and unloading. It is best suited for warehouses with high-stacked shelving.

Industrial Side Loader Forklifts

The industrial side loader lift features a slim structure similar to the reach lift. It is ideal for loading and unloading in narrow aisles as well. This lift features forks located on the side instead of the front of the machine and is designed to gain access in areas where the counterbalance lift won’t fit. It operates well both indoors and outdoors and is often used to handle longer items including timber and tubing.

Telescopic/Telehandler Forklift

The telescopic/telehandler lift features and extendable outreaching arm and boom. It works similar to a small crane. That is, the arm has a high reach that allows it to elevate items higher than other lifts. It is ideal for agriculture applications and is perfect for lifting in tight areas.

Rough Terrain Forklifts

Best suited for outdoor use and traveling over rough and uneven surfaces, the lift is more stable than other varieties of forklifts because it is oversized and includes gripping tires. Stability is essential to assure that the lift will transport items over rough terrain safely. It works in all sorts of weather conditions.

Pedestrian Pallet Operated Trucks

This truck is smaller than the common lift truck so it is much more moveable and fits into smaller or more niche-like spaces. Less costly than the other variety of lifts, but are less suited to moving heavier loads of objects. It is ideal for handling lighter loads.

(Source: hflifttrucks.co.uk)

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