How to Save on Forklift Accessories Online

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Online shopping started out slowly, but once it caught on, it spread from the purchase of electronic “goods” only to light-weight actual goods like books and CDs to everything under the sun, including forklift accessories and even heavy equipment like reconditioned forklifts. When it comes to these heavier and bulkier goods, there are still some perceived drawbacks to buying online and many forklift owners are still hesitant to buy their forklift accessories online unless they absolutely have to.

One thing that holds many potential buyers back is the inability to see the forklift accessories they want in person, and to know for sure that they will work on their forklifts. At, we help our customers overcome this understandable stumbling block in a number of ways:

  • All of our forklift accessories and attachments are described in detail.
  • Our customer service representatives are all in-house members of our experienced staff. If you have any questions at all, you can contact them directly.
  • Most of our forklift attachments are appropriate for any forklift. Those that may affect forklift stability come in a range of sizes and capacities. We encourage our customers to contact us or their forklift manufacturer if they are unsure of an attachment’s suitability for their equipment.

Some first-time customers who make it to our shopping cart get stuck when they come to the freight shipping charges. How much will they be? Why are the charges so high in comparison to the price of the attachment?

If you have reached the final page of the shopping cart and freight charges are not included, you have probably overlooked some details on the previous page. For example, you have chosen a fork mounted drum lifter and clicked “Add to Cart”. You will see the price of the item clearly displayed. Now just scroll down and you’ll see a box for entering your discount coupon code if you have one and another box that says “Estimate shipping and tax.” Simply add your state or province and zip code and the estimator will show you these costs when they are applicable.

How to Save on Forklift Accessories Online

how to save on large and bulky forklift attachments

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All of our forklift accessories and attachments are very competitively priced. If you choose a particularly heavy and/or bulky item, the freight cost may seem disproportionately high. Many of our long term customers have been with us since before online shopping became available and you can save on forklift accessories online the same way they have over the years. How do they do it?

Customers who have gotten to know us through our affiliation with Bahrns Equipment know they can trust us for service, value and quality, so instead of buying just one item, they purchase everything they need at one time. When they order that drum handler we used as an example above, they order the other forklift parts and accessories they need at the same time. The combined order will incur a far cheaper freight charge than if the items were ordered individually.

Whenever possible, we offer several shipping options, from inexpensive ground shipment to overnight express shipment options. When these are not available, as is the case with many heavy and bulky items, freight may be the only option we can offer online. However, if you prefer a different shipment method or want to make your own shipping arrangements, leave your item or items in your shopping cart and contact us directly. We are here to help you in every way we can.

If you are the owner or manager of a small to medium sized factory or warehouse, you will be interested in our Forklift Attachment Guide for Small Factories and Warehouses. Not only are forklift attachments affordable, they improve productivity and pay for themselves over time.



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