The Low-Profile Parts Hopper

Low Profile Parts Hopper

Anyone who operates a forklift knows the importance of the hopper. Whether you have one that dumps by itself or one that you operate manually, the hopper is an essential tool for dumping materials. While it is true that large hoppers are useful in allowing you to dump more contents at one time, there are also unique advantages to a low-profile hopper.

The low-profile parts hopper is just 18 inches tall, yet it holds up to 12 cubic feet in volume and up to 2000 pounds in cargo capacity. Included with the hopper are fork pockets that allow you to dump materials, at an angle of 90 degrees. There are also wheel brakes, and after the material is dumped it will return to its locked position. In the event that you don’t want to operate the hopper with the forklift, the removable push handles allow you to handle it manually.

Perhaps the most useful aspect of the low-profile parts hopper is that it doubles as a cleaning tool. Because of its 18-inch height, it is short enough to fit below the forklift. This is invaluable for catching debris and will keep objects from hitting the floor and getting damaged. By keeping your workplace floor cleaner, the low-profile parts hopper is not only useful for its hauling and dumping capacities, but it should be viewed as a valuable safety tool. In a previous post, we discussed the virtues of the forklift sweeper attachment, a tool that’s invaluable in cleaning debris off your floor. With its own usefulness as a cleaning instrument, the low-profile parts hopper should be viewed as a companion piece to the sweeper attachment.

Obviously, there are practical benefits to a larger hopper, but the low-profile hopper offers its own unique advantages. What it loses in volume, it gains in functionality. Not only does it get the job done on assignments where you are not transporting high volumes, but it will keep your workplace floor safe and clean.

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